Ancestor Art: Encaustic Story Collage

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Enjoy selecting an original Cabinet Photo or misc. vintage photo from the snapshot suitcase or bring a special photo from your personal collection to add more meaning and intention (ideal sizes are 4×6 or 5×7″). You’ll be handcrafting a brag-worthy legacy piece using a 12×12″ MDF wood panel and hunting and gathering through suitcases full of vintage papers and cards to create a visual story. Was your ancestor on a mysterious journey, a wise mentor, or the hero of the family? For balance, contrast and interest, we’ll use spray inks, paint pens, stencil designs and Washi tape. Vintage and reproduction three dimensional elements will add symbolism and significance to your ancestral story. We’ll top your handmade story with an endearing coat of encaustic medium. Each person will create a personalized masterpiece that can be hung or displayed on an easel.

Room: C5 (Conf V)