Art Journaling with PanPastels

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PanPastels are magnificently vibrant and often misunderstood. After this art journaling workshop, you’ll know how to get the dreamy looks of blended colors, how to add those subtle highlights that take a color to the next level, how to build layers with them, and most importantly, how to use them with stencils and how seal them so they can pass a white glove test! You’ll seal them in three different practical ways in this workshop, all indoor techniques so no stinky sprays. Each way will fully seal the PanPastels and create a unique look. Knowing these different techniques is incredibly handy when building up layers on an art journal page. A full tray of PanPastels are available for your in class play courtesy of PanPastel plus a huge selection of stencils will be there for you courtesy of StencilGirl Products! Included in your class kit are your very own tools so you can easily seal PanPastels at home. You’ll also go home with the instructor’s favorite pencil for journaling that matches the feel of PanPastels.

Room: S4 (Salon IV)