Artiscape Kick-off Party

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The weekend begins with a unique welcoming party on Friday night. This event includes amazing desserts, gourmet snacks, cocktails and a special preview of the Artiscape Marketplace. Play some fun carnival-type games win prizes, enjoy several inspiring artist demonstrations and shop the market.

Presenting artists will give ongoing, concurrent demonstrations of various art and design techniques. Each demo is different, just like the wonderful panel of artists we’ve selected for their skills and unique style. Presenting artists will be located adjacent to the Marketplace, with small group seating. This informal “workshop” structure allows for easy mingling, discussion and the chance to learn from both presenters & attendees.

Enjoy a cocktail, shop an array of artsy vendors, try your luck at a game of chance, learn some new techniques- it’s a perfect evening designed just for you!

Note: This is included with the purchase of an Artiscape Weekend Pass.

Rooms: Artiscape Store and S1/S2 (Salons I and II)