Dirty Little Secrets of Gel Printing

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How do you get those amazing prints that look like weathered layers of the rainbow in just one single solitary pull? Yes, one single pull! It isn’t an accident or happenstance, but on command when you know the dirty little secrets of monoprinting with a gel plate! These pulls always bring gasps of excitement as the first corner is pulled off and you get a hint of the colorful magic about to be fully revealed. The best part is once you know the secrets then you can actually control when those prints are going to happen. It isn’t random and it isn’t some unexpected surprise, but it is always amazing to see it pull off the plate! Gel plates are provided courtesy of Gel Press. What makes those patterns in the prints? Stencils and you’ll have a huge stash of choose from thanks to StencilGirl as you build your prints. What a great opportunity to explore and play!

Room: C3 (Conf III)