Feast for the Eyes: Exploring Citra in Modern Art

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Dissolving print inks into random, organic components and repurposing them is trending in art these days. This class will move beyond the initial process of reworking clay coated specialty magazine photos to focus on producing individual elements that can be used singly or together in a composition. For those that want to delve further into possibilities, we will not only transform the pages, but we will isolate the new elements and add depth, mood, and detail with our own art. These elements can then become focal imagery by themselves or be cohesive pieces for a more developed, complex collage format. Spend time practicing on multiple papers, then additional time will be spent developing a few cohesive elements to work towards one composition. Design elements such as repetition, harmony, and symmetry will have key roles. Your working substrate will be provided, but these elements can be used in multiple formats from art journaling to home decor. All will be a celebration of our uniqueness and different points of view.

Room: S3 (Salon III)