Lalique Inspired Polymer Clay Pendant

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A stunning molten glass floral motif set into wood on The Orient Express, designed by French glass designer René Lalique, inspired this unique polymer clay pendant. The colors, the details, all of it translated beautifully and brought the art off the walls of The Orient Express and onto a fashionable accessory. If jewelry doesn’t interest you, use your finished piece to accent a journal or treasure box, it’s up to you. In this workshop you will learn a variety of techniques for working with Makin’s Clay®, a no-bake polymer clay with many unique features making it an ideal modeling medium. It’s application options extend to almost every type of creative project. We will explore some of the possibilities as you create this unique pendant. You will work with a variety of polymer clay tools including extruders and push molds, learn how to inlay color and pattern, and make handmade flowers to match those in Lalique’s exquisite art piece. Each of these techniques can be adapted and used to create endless clay designs for a wide variety of applications. All the materials necessary to complete the project will be provided.

Room: C1 (Conf I)