Mini Rennies

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Journey through the masters with these darling pocket museums! Your choice of Michelangelo, Da Vinci, or Botticelli sketches await your magical treatment. These heavily embossed little hard back books are each a study of a specific painter, and a delight to hold at 2×3”. The insides are lined with authentic marbled Florentine papers and a big taste of the Renaissance! The hard work of measuring and cutting will be done for you, so you can hit the ground running! The tactile covers will get an actual metal treatment to rust and patina before your very eyes. The bindings are strong but delightfully quick and easy, to allow you the maximum time to revel in color and play! Exploring grounds and mediums, you will transform the very surface of the inner papers so that they embrace the gentle kiss of watercolors to look and feel like a fresco. A quick demo will give even an apprentice all the knowledge they need to take their skills farther on their journey to mastery.

Room: C1 (Conf I)