Monoprints – Prints and Stationary Box

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Explore and play while learning the basics of monoprinting to create dynamic images using water soluble inks and paints on a gel plate. Pull print after print while Joe shows you a variety of techniques featuring the Gen Press 6×6 plate. Learn to pull first generation prints, ghost prints and pick up prints. Use stencils, mark making tools, texture tools and brushes to see the different results each produces. Use the same techniques you learned to pull paper prints to print directly on a box to store your prints.

Monoprinting is often called the “little black dress of mixed media” – something you go to over and over again when you’re creating cards, journal pages, artist trading cards, canvases and home décor pieces.

You will leave class with a stack of prints and the perfect box to store them in. Makes a great stationary set gift!