“Plexi-Class!” Techniques on Acrylic Glass in 3 Projects

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Acrylic glass (known by tradenames like Plexiglass and Lucite) can add layers and depth in ways that can’t be achieved with opaque substrates. It is light weight, resists breakage, is easy to cut/drill, and, in colorless form, is as transparent as the finest optical glass. This material lends itself to techniques that producing amazing effects that are only possible on a clear substrate. We’ll focus on those techniques as you create three projects with acrylic glass; an assemblage piece, artist trading cards and a cell phone stand. You’ll have something to hang on the wall, cards to trade with friends and a practical stand to hold your phone while you surf Pinterest or follow a recipe in the kitchen. Joe will cover the basics of cutting, drilling and assembling acrylic glass and a variety of techniques using acrylic paint, alcohol, alcohol inks, markers, vinyl and more showing you ways to create layers and depth with this underutilized material. It’s clear, you’re going to love what you learn and make!

Room: S4 (Salon IV)