Pulling the First Lever – Lead Generation and Getting In the Door

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Founder/ Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Create N Craft, LLC/ Delphia Consulting, Joe Rotella, walks you, the manufacturer, through how to control and grow your business!

Stemming from the article “5 Levers to Control and Grow Your Business,” Joe will teach commerce principles and how they apply to the creative industry. Specifically, Joe will go through the ins and outs of the first lever: Lead Generation.

Whether you are a manufacturer with a large employee size, or a one-person shop with a fixed number of color palettes, you have challenges when it comes to lead generation. This webinar will provide an effective model for understanding how a buyer wants to buy and puts your businesses along that path.

Joe breaks down this webinar into three parts:

(1) Defining the lead generation “lever” and it’s importance to your business
(2) Walking through about the obstacles that companies face when trying to gain new leads
(3) Discussing some solutions to jump start your lead initiative efforts or to help make sure their lead pipeline doesn’t run dry