“Really” Mixed Media Owl Clock (W107)

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Join Joe Rotella to create a wall clock in the shape of a funky owl, like the one he created on Make It Artsy Season 5! (PBS TV, CreateTV). You’ll have an assortment of owl parts in a variety of shapes (i.e., wings, bodies, eyes, etc.) that you can paint, stencil, collage, draw and assemble to create a unique piece of functional art. The base parts are cut from premium Baltic Birch. You select the pieces you like and then decorate them using a variety of techniques. Assemble them with rapid drying adhesive, insert the clock mechanism and your artsy owl is ready to hang on the wall.  Have fun with products and prizes provided by PLAID Crafts, John Bead, PROXXON, DAP, Stencil Girl, Rinea, Marvy Uchida and more!