Scrapbook / Arts & Crafts Supply Yard Sale

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Come buy everything you didn’t know you needed at bargain prices!

No reservation/ticket is necessary. We suggest you show up early as there will likely be a line at the door before we are even open at 10 AM. There are NO early sales – no exceptions. There is NO charge to get in and shop!

There will be over 400 square feet of merchandise! This sale has space for 35 tables featuring many different folks selling!

We suggest you bring a large shopping bag (or 2!) to help carry your purchases. There will be space on the stage beside the yard sale to leave bags while you continue shopping. You might consider putting a name tag on your bag (just like a luggage tag) to make it easy to spot your bag in the group.

If you’re interested in selling at this yard sale, you can purchase tables online at: