KNK Accugraphics

Accugraphics Sales, Inc. is a family owned and operated business that offers the KNK Zing Air and other computerized cutting systems and supplies.

  • Replacement springs for all 3 KNK Zing / MAXX Air Blades.
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    The KNK Force Standard Blade is recommended for cutting vinyl, paper, smooth cardstock, iron-on transfer, vellum, double-sided adhesive, and other thin materials.
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    KNK Force Fabric Blade

    The KNK Force Fabric Blade is recommended for cutting all fabrics (stabilized or not), regular felt, and even tackle twill!
  • The KNK Force Punch Tool will punch holes in thin smooth cardstock, paper, vellum, and foils. Also works in the Maxx, Maxx Air, Zing and Zing Air machines.
  • Zing / MAXX Air Fabric Blade (Yellow Blade)

    The Zing / MAXX Air Fabric Blade is recommended for cutting all fabrics (stabilized or not), regular felt, and even tackle twill! With the Zing / MAXX Air blade you don't even have to stabilize the fabric first! As long as the mat is really sticky, you can still get a great cut. This specially-designed blade has proven to give sharper points and cleaner cutting of fabric than other similar blades on the market. This blade comes with a spring and fits into the red, blue, and yellow blade holders. The blade cover (also called the blade cap) is yellow.  
    Save 15%Save 15% when you purchase our 5 blade pack of Zing / MAXX Air Fabric Blades.
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    The KNK Force Thick Material Blade is recommended for cutting textured cardstock, chipboard, rhinestone template material, Shrinky Dink, stiffened felt, craft foam, craft plastic, balsa, Grungeboard, gum paste/fondant/Sugar Veil, clear stamping rubber, poster board, and other thick materials.
  • The KNK Force Blade Holder is used with any of the following KNK Force blades: red capped KNK Force Standard Blade, blue capped KNK Force Thick Material Blade, and the yellow capped KNK Force Fabric Blade.
  • Christmas House Popup Card Popup Card Studio - Software to Create Pop Up Cards

    Create Unique Pop Up Cards in Minutes!

    Not hours! Bring your cards in to the 3rd dimension! Create pop up cards and origamic architecture (otherwise known as Kirigami) in no time. With Popup Card Studio™ you will be able to create and edit in three dimensions allowing you to get a visual representation of your project that is as close to life as possible. Popup Card Studio™ will allow you to export in SVG, PDF and 3DS formats along with sending directly to your cutting machine (such as the KNK Zing Air™). There are so many editing features that you will be able to do most or even all your work right inside Popup Card Studio™.