• DMC-Create your own design on a favorite darker colored item and stitch it for a personalized style! White lead pencil produces easy-to-see lines. Works well on dark fabrics, such as denim. Markings rub off or can be removed with water. Includes free sharpener.
  • Darice Bump Chenille Stems are wire based stems, like pipe cleaners, that have a bendable core that can be twisted into dolls, animals, ornaments and more. Bend and twist together, string beads onto or combine with other crafting materials to shape unique items. 15 mm x 12 inch. Bumpy. 12 piece in each package. Not recommended for children 5 and under.
  • Twisted orange and black chenille stems. 12 inches x 8mm. 12 pieces per package. Easy to bend and mold to create designs, shapes and objects, or add on as a fun accent to other craft projects! Perfect for Halloween!
  • These superior quality Birch hardwood painting panels give artist’s exceptional panel strength and rigidity, with very fine wood grain. Finely sanded Da Vinci Pro Birch Wood Painting Panels deliver a consistently strong, sturdy archival support. They are fine grained and super smooth. The panels can be directly universally gesso primed, Encaustic gesso primed, or barrier-coated with PVA or rabbit skin glue sizing before oil priming. They are also popular with artists making their own linen or cotton canvas panels, or mounting sanded pastel or watercolor paper for a firm archival painting surface.
  • This glue is great for temporary stitching and is excellent for fabric crafts, good for basting and much more. This is a temporary fabric glue and will wash out of most fabrics: some fabrics may need to be dry cleaned several times before glue completely disappears.
    Not intended to permanently adhere washable, wearable projects. Use to create quick costumes, hem garments and make temporary stitching.  Try it with fabric, ribbons, trims, felt and quilting.
    This package contains one 4oz/118ml jar. Contents conform to ASTM D4236. Made in USA.
  • SAKURA-3-D Crystal Lacquer applicator tip set. Includes 2 applicator tips (0.6mm fine tip) and a cleaning pin.
  • ColorBox Spritzers are quick drying dye spray inks in fashionable little plastic bottles that coordinate with some ColorBox Archival Dye inks. Use with screens, masks, stencils and more to create unique backgrounds and designs.
  • Etching to Paint showcases 36 painting projects on etched glass featuring Sharyn Binam, Gerry Klein, Annie Lang, Carol Mays, Susan Pisoni, Debbie Toews, Gigi Wright, and Jean Zawicki. Featuring:
    • Complete instructions on how to use etchall etchin gream, etchall dip
  • Cut shapes in this stunning honeycomb paper by hand or using die-cuts. Attach the sides and tease out layers to reveal the honeycomb tissue.
  • Aleene's quickest drying, fastest tacking craft glue! It cuts drying time by more than 50% and dries clear and flexible. Our favorite quick-drying liquid adhesive! This package contains 8 fl oz of Quick Dry Tacky Glue. Non-toxic and Conforms to ASTM D4236. Made in USA.
  • BOTTLE CAP-Vintage Collection: Bottle Cap Bingo Chips. These are designed to accent any craft project you may have. This package contains thirty-one bingo blue
  • Prima Marketing-Relic & Artifacts Archival Cast Embellishments: Milagros. The perfect additions to your mixed media crafting projects and so much more! This 10-1/4" x 4" package contains six plaster sculpture pieces. They range from 1" to 2.75" long. Five of the pieces have a small eye screw in the top so you can hang the piece. You could easily snip off the eye screw if you don't want a hanger. Imported.
  • Momenta-Cut & Emboss Die for small flowers. Die cut a small flower and then emboss it with one of two designs! Momenta dies can be used on almost any project from scrapbooking and card making to school projects to home decor. Compatible with most die-cutting machines including Sizzix Cuttlebug and spellbinders (sold separately). This 6.25" x 3.5" package contains 3 small flowers dies; one cuts and two emboss.
  • Momenta-Cut & Emboss Die for hearts. Die cut a heart
  • Momenta-Cut & Emboss Die for stars. Die cut a star
  • An assortment of 5 Spare Parts bright silver bottle caps by the Paper Studio. The approximate diameter of each bottle cap is:
    • 4"
    • 3"
    • 2"
    • 1.25"
    • 0.625"
  • Bring your design style to life on the walls of your home! This 100% natural cotton canvas has no gesso applied and is staple-stretched over a wood frame. Medium texture. Cotton Duck. Natural. This package contains one medium texture 10x10 inch canvas, about .75" thick. Imported.
  • Bring your design style to life on the walls of your home! This 100% natural cotton canvas has no gesso applied and is staple-stretched over a wood frame. Medium texture. Cotton Duck. Natural. This package contains one medium texture 8 x 10 inch canvas, about .75" thick. Imported.
  • Dress up your craft project by hanging it on this 7.5" wide Snowflake Hanger. Decorative metal with wood dowel. Photo shows
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  • Create Styrofoam™ masterpieces. Simply carve, combine, or sculpt ordinary Styrofoam™ shapes. Then cover with MagiKote™ for a smooth paintable finish. Decoart MagiKote Styrofoam™ Coating transforms Styrofoam™ into a smooth; hard, paintable surface. Carve, combine or sculpt ordinary Styrofoam shapes, then apply 2 or 3 thin coats using a brush, palette knife or craft stick. Allow to dry completely, overnight. Can be sanded to a smooth finish, after drying With simple painting techniques and MagiKote™, Styrofoam™ takes on the look of stone, pottery, and much more... at a fraction of the cost. MagiKote™ Surface Coating for Styrofoam® will allow sculptors and crafters alike to worry less about the waffled, bumpy surface working with Styrofoam® typically produces. As the paper-plaster type coating is applied, the Styrofoam® transforms into a smooth surface, which can then easily be painted using Americana® Acrylic paints and mediums. Because solvents in spray paints and oil-based paints melt or eat away Styrofoam®, acrylic paints have long been trusted to create fun and bright crafts using the affordable and lightweight foam material. Styrofoam® is also easily carved and sanded to make lightweight sculptures. Click here for a free downloadable guide on how to use MagiKote.