MAXX Air & Accessories

  • Replacement springs for all 3 KNK Zing / MAXX Air Blades.
  • Zing / MAXX Air Fabric Blade (Yellow Blade)

    The Zing / MAXX Air Fabric Blade is recommended for cutting all fabrics (stabilized or not), regular felt, and even tackle twill! With the Zing / MAXX Air blade you don't even have to stabilize the fabric first! As long as the mat is really sticky, you can still get a great cut. This specially-designed blade has proven to give sharper points and cleaner cutting of fabric than other similar blades on the market. This blade comes with a spring and fits into the red, blue, and yellow blade holders. The blade cover (also called the blade cap) is yellow.  
    Save 15%Save 15% when you purchase our 5 blade pack of Zing / MAXX Air Fabric Blades.