Angels In Frame No. 1044 Silicone Stamp

Angels In Frame No. 1044 Silicone Stamp

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An angel holds another angel across his lap, so close, they look like they might kiss. Holly branches in the foreground.

This stamp measures approximately 5.5″ x 3.8″.

1 in stock

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About LaBlanche Stamps

La Blanche stamps are mounted on very lightweight, hard foam. The stamps themselves are made from high quality silicon, which results in very detailed images.

  • The stamps are extremely heat resistant and they can be used with any kind of ink!
  • Easy stamping with minimal pressure.
  • Ensures amazingly exact results!
  • Allows for fantastically detailed images.
  • Extremely heat resistant!

How To Use a LaBlanche Stamp

Lay the stamp down on a flat surface, embossed side up. Color the raised areas by carefully dabbing the ink pad directly on to the stamp until the entire design is colored. Transfer the colored image by stamping on plain paper.

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