Beginner’s Essentials Glass Beadmaking Kit

Beginner’s Essentials Glass Beadmaking Kit

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Beginner’s Glass Beadmaking Kit is perfect for the beginner or intermediate crafter who wants to learn more about the fabulous art of beadmaking (lampwork beads). Featuring all the tools needed to create colorful and whimsical glass beads, this kit will quickly become a favorite pastime for your whole family to enjoy.

1 in stock

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An Excellent Value! Great for Beginners! Enter the fascinating world of bead making! With this kit and a few hours of practice, you will be making your own unique glass beads in all shapes and sizes.

Fireworks™ Quick-light self-igniting torch
2 pc Work Surface
Protective Eyewear
Diamond Coated Bead Reamer
12 Stainless Steel Mandrels
Bead Rake
Dotted Texturizing Marver
Grooved Texturizing Marver
Rod Scrubber
Canister Holder
Bead Release
15 Italian 104COE glass rods (approx. 13″ long)
Fiber blanket
Instruction booklet and DVD

Please note: Requires MAPP gas, available at most hardware stores. 

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