Zing Air Cutting Machine Packages

Zing Air Cutting Machine Packages

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KNK Zing Air Cutting Machine Packages especially designed for your crafting needs!

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The KNK Zing Air is an electronic cutting machine that supports your creativity rather than limiting it! In addition to the standard Basic Zing Air Cutting Machine package, we offer three starter packages to match your crafting needs – all with free shipping!

  • Basic Package – The standard Zing Air package, including the machine, Make The Cut! software, a standard material blade, a thick material blade, the blue blade holder, a 12″x12″ mat, 1 year warranty and support.
  • Paper Crafter Package – The Basic Package plus an extra standard material blade, an extra thick material blade, the red blade holder (so you can switch blade holders out rather than change blades when you want to switch from standard to thick), and a travel bag. Perfect for paper crafters to take to crops!
  • Quilter Package – The Basic Package plus 2 fabric blades, the yellow blade holder (so you can switch blade holders out rather than change blades when you want to switch from standard or thick to fabric), and a travel bag. Perfect for quilters on the go!
  • Master Crafter Package – For the crafter who works with paper and fabric! The Basic Package plus an extra standard blade, an extra thick material blade, 2 fabric blades, the red and yellow blade holders and a travel bag! You can easily change blade holders out when you change materials (rather than change out blades) and you can take it all with you on the road!

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Click on the tabs below for a list of features, to compare Zing Air packages, read the Warranty, watch videos, learn about support from Joe Rotella, read frequently asked questions (FAQ), see what your computer needs to run Make The Cut (MTC) software and get shipping information.


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Zing Air Cutting Machine Features

  • Fast!! Cuts 25″ per second (compared to the Cricut® Expression which cuts about 3″ per second)
  • Cut up to 14″ wide! (compared to the Cricut® Expression which cuts up to 11.5″ wide)
  • Fits materials up to ~18” wide – materials 9” – 18” wide can be fed and gripped by either the leftmost two wheels or all three wheels (for materials over 13” wide)
  • Cut unlimited lengths! The mat that ships with the Zing Air is 15” long. Optionally, you can purchase a larger Zing Air mat that is 27” long. You can cut longer materials that have a backing sheet, such as vinyl. If a cutting mat is not being used, the material needs to be 3” – 5” wide to be gripped by the two pinch wheels on the right.
  • Cuts a huge range of materials – paper, vinyl, cardstock, fabric, felt, thin chipboard, rhinestone rubber, craft plastic, shrinky dink plastic and more!
  • 750 grams of cutting force
  • 3 Wheels to make it easier to cut narrow sheets of vinyl
  • ZingSpeak
  • Connect by Bluetooth or USB. If you don’t have USB on your computer, no worries! The Zing Air ships with a Bluetooth adapter that plugs in to your computer’s USB port.
  • Three point laser alignment for perfect print and cut! No white border around the edge of what you print and cut!
  • Use your own markers, pens and pencils – no special ones required!
  • Comes with Make The Cut! software activation code that allows you to easily cut virtually any shape you can imagine (including TrueType/OTF Fonts, SVGs and PDFs) using your Zing. Software available by download.
  • Extremely compact at 4.75″ tall, 6.25″ deep and 23.5″ wide.
  • Easy to carry, weighing in at about 12.1 pounds (compared to the Cricut® Expression which weighs more by over a pound)
  • Auto-converting power block on a 9 foot power cord. It goes from 100v to 240v auto-switching and is UL certified. The plug fits US and Canadian style sockets. The same power supply ships with the Zing Air to customers in Australia, UK, and South Africa but with the plug that is used in those countries. If you are outside the US, you’ll need a plug adapter to fit your socket style (but should not need a transformer).
  • The Zing, from Accugraphics, is built to last – over 95% of the Zing’s mechanics are made from high-quality metal. The KNK Zing is an affordable cutting system without compromising quality or features. And, you’ll never have to buy a cartridges!
  • One year warranty. Optional 2 year warranty available.
  • Optional tools to allow you to emboss, engrave and pierce (punch)

The Zing Air Cutting Machine Packages

Paper Crafter
Master Crafter
Zing Air Cutting MachineIt's Included!It's Included!It's Included!It's Included!
Thick Material (Blue) Blade 1212
Blue Blade HolderIt's Included!It's Included!It's Included!It's Included!
Standard Material (Red) Blade 1212
Red Blade Holder –It's Included! –It's Included!
Fabric (Yellow) Blade –22
Yellow Blade Holder –It's Included!It's Included!
12″ x 12″ Sticky MatIt's Included!It's Included!It's Included!It's Included!
Bluetooth USB AdapterIt's Included!It's Included!It's Included!It's Included!
USB A/B CableIt's Included!It's Included!It's Included!It's Included!
Power AdapterIt's Included!It's Included!It's Included!It's Included!
Test PenIt's Included!It's Included!It's Included!It's Included!
Make The Cut! (MTC) Activation PIN for PC or MAC with Zing Speak!
Software available by download
It's Included!It's Included!It's Included!It's Included!
MTC Instructions/TutorialIt's Included!It's Included!It's Included!It's Included!
10,300+ Projects in the MTC GalleryIt's Included!It's Included!It's Included!It's Included!
Travel Bag –It's Included!It's Included!It's Included!
1 Year Warranty
Optional 2 year warranty for an additional $99
It's Included!It's Included!It's Included!It's Included!
Live support by Joe Rotella via Phone, Email or Skype It's Included!It's Included!It's Included!It's Included!
Shipping within the continental US.
For a quote on shipping outside the contential US, please submit our Zing Air Shipping Quote Request form
Free Shipping in the Continental USFree Shipping in the Continental USFree Shipping in the Continental USFree Shipping in the Continental US

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Zing Air Cutting Machine Frequently Asked Questions

Cutting Depth with Zing Air Blades

Zing blades have a cutting length of no greater than .09″ which is 2.28mm. So, materials greater than 2.28mm (about 89mil) will not cut well on the Zing using Zing blades. Whether or not a material can cut is also based on the density of the material. For example, you can cut 0.08” craft foam but not 0.08” acrylic.

Why Are The Blade Holders Different Colors?

Blade holders come in three colors; Blue, Red, Yellow. A blue blade holder is included with the Zing Air Cutting Machine. All three holders are the same except for the color. Each one (no matter the color) can hold the standard, thick or fabric blade. Many people purchase the red and yellow blade holders separately so they can dedicate one for each type of blade they are using.

What File Types Can I Cut?

You can import other file formats into Make The Cut for cutting, such as AI, SVG, PDF, SCUT, and EPS. You can also use the “Pixel Trace” feature of Make The Cut to convert suitable bitmap images (i.e., GIF, JPG, BMP, PNG) in to a vector image.

How Can I Learn To Use the Zing Air?

The KNK Zing Air with Make The Cut User Manual is available online. Because of on-going updates to MTC and the high cost of printing, there is no printed version available. Instead, the on-line manual is interactive, with links to videos and the ability to download, print pages you need, and search on any word.

The online manual is the best way to learn to use the Zing Air. Follow it from start to finish, trying each example as you go, and you’ll master your new machine.

Is the Zing Air Covered by a Warranty?

The Zing Air is covered by a 1 year warranty on parts and labor. An additional year can be purchased any time within the first year.

How Fine Can the Zing Air Cut?

The resolution of the Zing Air is 1016 x 1016 or 0.025 mm per step. This resolution is ideal for cutting vinyl.

How Loud is the Zing Air?

The Zing Air noise level testing indicated that the Zing Air’s loudness measured at 60 – 70 decibels which is equivalent to a normal conversation at 3 – 5 feet away.

Is There Sales Tax on the Zing Air?

Applicable sales tax is charged to KNK Accugraphics products, including the Zing Air, when the destination shipping address is in Florida or Ohio.

Your Zing Air Cutting Machine is an investment. Your relationship with your dealer is too.

Joe RotellaYour Zing Air dealer is your first line of support. So, it’s important to carefully decide where you’ll buy your new machine. When you purchase from Create N Craft, Joe Rotella is your first line of support. Every purchase receipt includes his cell phone number. He carries it with him all day, every day, and generally accepts calls from 9AM to 11PM EST. While he may not be able to answer your call, he will get back with you shortly. You can also reach him by email or facebook and he’s connected all the time.

If needed, you can also contact KNK USA, using the Contact page under Support on their web site.

The Zing Air also has a user forum and other support forums, as listed on the first page of the Zing Air User Manual.

The Basic Zing Air package is the same price across all dealers. Create N Craft offers additional
package options that include accessories at a discounted price.

Zing Air Cutting Machine System Requirements

The Zing Air Cutting Machine is powered by Make The Cut Software. Make The Cut runs on both the PC and Mac platforms. You can load the software on as many machines as you like (including a mix of the two platforms).

Microsoft Windows logoPC/WindowsApple logoMac
  • Windows XP (32/64bit), Vista (32/64bit) or Windows 7 (32/64bit)
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 2 MB Disk Space
  • Internet Explorer 7 or newer (for Gallery functionality)
The PC version of Make The Cut can run on your Mac using Parallels. Or you can run the Mac version. To run the Mac version you will need the following:

  • Mac OS 10.6.8 or higher
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 119 MB Disk Space

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Zing Air Cutting Machine Shipping Notes

Within the Continental United States

Free Shipping in the Continental USWithin the continental United States, the Zing Air Cutting Machine is shipped FedEx Ground from our warehouse in Apopka, Florida, unless other arrangements are made. Shipping is FREE on any Zing Air Cutting Machine within the continental US.  When you purchase Zing accessories at the same time as a Zing Air Cutting Machine, the accessories are also shipped for free (continental US only). Accessories are shipped in the same box as the Zing Air Cutting machine except for the Zing Travel Bag and Zing Stand, which ship in their own boxes respectfully. The map below shows estimated transit time for Fedex Ground delivery within the US. FedEx Ground Transit Time Map

Please note that FedEx delivers Monday-Friday if the destination address is a business, and Tuesday-Saturday if the destination address is a residence.  Here’s a sample comparison using “best case” scenario (barring any weather problems, delays receiving the order, etc.):

DestinationCentral OhioCentral OhioCentral OhioCentral Ohio
Transit Days
(See Map)
Destination TypeResidenceBusinessResidenceBusiness
Order ByThursday
before 2PM EST
before 2PM EST
before 2PM EST
before 2PM EST
ShipsThursday, 3PMThursday, 3PMFriday, 3PMFriday, 3PM
Expected DeliverySaturdayMondayTuesdayTuesday


Outside the Continental United States

For shipping outside the continental United States, please email JoeR@createNcraft.com and ask for a Zing Air Shipping Quote. Please be sure to give the full destination address and a list of what you would like to order. The shipping quote depends on the destination and total weight. This will provide us with the necessary information to give you a shipping quote within 2 business days. We offer two shipping methods outside the continental US; FedEx Economy and FedEx Priority.

Zing Air Payment Plan

Want to reserve your Zing Air but need more time to pay? Our Payment Plans let you pay over time. Payment Plans are a convenient way to shop that allows you to easily divide your purchase into monthly payments. No interest. No fees. Your product ships after the last payment has been made. Yes, it’s that easy.

Additional Details:

At the time of purchase, we will bill your credit/debit card or PayPal account for the first installment plus sales tax (if applicable). For each remaining installment you’ll receive an invoice for that payment. Invoices are sent via email to you 30 days beginning 30 days after the original order date.

CreateNCraft does not assess interest charges or fees on Payment Plans. However, if you cancel your order at any time, you will be charged a 15% restocking fee.

Additional information

Weight331.2 oz
Zing Package

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33 reviews for Zing Air Cutting Machine Packages

  1. Kathy

    The Zing is a wonderful machine and this is the right place to get it. Joe is incredibly helpful. I have watched his beginner video twice and was able to jump right in. There is a great Zing community out there too.

  2. Sue Walker

    I love my Zing! I have a friend that has a Silhouette an when I compare my Zing to her machine, I am looking at a Mercedes and a Ford. Zing is the best and has great help sites and groups!!

  3. Candy

    I’ve had my Zing Air for 9 months. Shopping, ordering and shipping were all easy and convenient. I remember thinking it all came faster than I expected. I’ll be honest, the Zing has a learning curve steeper than the more traditionally craft-oriented die cutting machines, but Joe’s video is excellent and the on-line manual has everything you need. Make the Cut also has a bit of a learning curve, but, again, the on-line manual has all the information you need. Within the first week I was downloading an image from the web and cutting it out with layers. I use a Mac Book and the wireless part doesn’t work with the Mac, but the cables are long enough that it really hasn’t been a problem for me. I got the paper crafter’s package which included the travel bag and I have taken the Zing with me to crops with no problems. It’s a nice, sturdy machine that I’m sure will hold up well for long-term use.

  4. pat

    I LOVE my Zing. It made fast work for making 450 treat candy bags for a festival. And it is great to use in making quilt designs you can create on your computer.

  5. Dorothy george

    I LOVE my zing! If you are trying to decide if you should get it or no STOP think about it and BUY IT!! I am a school teacher and mom of 3 small children. I use my zing at least weekly! It is a MUST!!

  6. Taryn Maxwell

    I ABSOLUTELY love my Zing Air – I am in constant amazement at the possibilities of this machine. I would recommend it to anyone considering buying one!!!

  7. Tania Hartley

    Just a fantastic machine now im getting my head around the software

  8. melissa

    I love my zing! I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

  9. christy b

    Great personal die cut machine. Miles ahead of Cricut. MTC program is so easy to use. The zing is FAST. Cuts clean and beautifully. Force pressure lets you cut thicker materials as well. Very portable. Love the metal design.

  10. Jan

    I purchased the Master Crafter package along with some additional accessories and so far, I love this machine. Fortunately, I have a lot of experience using an assortment of graphic software packages which has minimized the “learning curve” for using the modules. I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of what all these components can do. I make jewelry, quilt, applique and do a lot of home dec projects so my purchase was with the intent of exploring many of the Zing’s capabilities. (I don’t do paper crafts….yet, but can see how easily it will be to do.) I can tell you, making stencils is a breeze particularly when it comes to playing with the scaling. With some designs, I do find it best to start in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop and export to an SVG file format only because there’s nothing more precise. The Cut Preview is really helpful since it eliminates what could be disasters.

  11. Ally C

    I tossed up between getting the Zing and a Silhouette. I am so glad I went with the Zing. It is just so easy to use. Sure there’s a little bit of familiarisation required, but the software is quite user friendly. Joe is super helpful and patient. No newby question is too hard. The Zing cuts vinyl like a dream and it can take wider stock than the Silhouette. Very happy with my purchase . You will be too.

  12. Bonnie kemp

    I love my zing. I cut so much stuff. It is easy to use. Love the make the cut program that I got with it. I cut papper, vinyl for tshirts and walls and car decals. I also use to make light up glass blocks. I love the ornaments we make at Christmas and the best part is my 5 year old twin grandaughters help me.

  13. Shana Davis

    I was a big time Cricut fan for a long time. Then I started using it with Make the Cut software and realized the possibilities were nearly endless! Then Provocraft decided they didn’t want us using a different software and put a stop to the compatibility. So I was searching for a new machine because I loved MTC so much that I wasn’t willing to give it up! I did my homework. I researched for about 9 months before deciding on the Zing and man am I glad I did! The Zing BLOWS everything else away! I have used a few different cutters and this is by far the best! In fact, I love it so much that I am getting the Air!

  14. Marion

    Best machine on the market…Best package deal on the market..I love my Zing!

  15. Kay Oehler

    My husband bought the quilter’s package Zing Air for my birthday after we both watched Joe’s video. It is a terrific machine. I am still learning the ins and outs of the Make the Cut software, but the machine is a beauty and so easy to use. I couldn’t be happier.

  16. Janice L

    I love my Zing!! I have the older model and it works wonderfully. The guys at MTC are wonderful too if you have any question they hold a weekly webinar. You can’t go wrong with a Zing!

  17. Millie Speck

    I have a Zing and I absolutely love it. I use it to cut vinyl and cardstock mostly. I have it hooked up to speak commands which is really nice especially when I am doing test cuts.

  18. Jeff Miller/ Leslie Frazier

    My Jeff bought me the Zing for Christmas 2014 after I had done a thorough research on cutting machines. Sandra McCauley recommended I buy my machine through Joe R. because of his great customer service and she was right about that. I love my Zing, love the ease of MTC software. The support all around was amazing through my early learning of using the machine and the software. Thanks Joe for all your help.

  19. frogquilter

    I don’t have the ZING “Air”(I wish) , I have the original ZING. It works wonderful….I thought it was easy to learn the basics and I continue to learn all of the special features in MTC (Make the Cut) software. Support is phenomenal …..MTC Forum ….the weekly webinars on the software are always informative. It is the perfect hobby machine!

  20. PaperGrandma

    I have had my Zing since the first release. I also have a Cameo (that lives in its travel bag). There is no way to compare the two. The Zing is my go to machine. It is so sturdy and gives reliable cuts. The software (MTC) is amazing with unbelievable support. Any time I have had a problem or question it has been quickly answered and problem has been solved. Let me also make sure you know the problems have been user error and not due to a lack of quality with the machine or software.

  21. Suzanne Moeller

    Never have I purchased a product that had such great customer service! This was my first cuttimg machine and the learning curve is steep and anytime I have called the response has been almost immediate.

  22. Pam England

    I was very pleased with the service I received from Joe. I would recommend purchasing from him in the future. His videos are very informative and helpful.

  23. Millie Speck

    I have several of the Zing mats. I love them. They are a great size for easy handling and storage. I use one until it is linty and not sticking as well, then pop in another one. When I get 2 or 3 that are not sticking as well, I just wash them with dawn dishsoap and a vegetable brush, rinse them off, and let them air dry and they are ready to go again.

  24. Joan Stachowski

    I have had my Zing Air for about 10 months now and I love it. I bought new mats and when they arrived they were bent. I sent a e-mail to Joe and he took care of getting me new mats within a couple of days. I didn’t even have to send the bent ones back. I call that great customer service. I still have much to learn about the Zing Air, but I’m having so much fun learning how to use it.Whenever I have a question, I just go to Make The Cut forum and my question’s are answered.

  25. Sharon Mim

    I bought my Zing last Fall but never had a chance to use it because of a move. I finally had the chance to learn the equipment and discovered that I had misplaced the registration code card. Joe was so helpful in locating the information I needed. The video he has is great, too.

    Love the machine. I use both the Silhouette and Brother cutters at work and the Zing Air is far superior.

    I purchased Creative Drawings with Artistic Crystals for an outrageous price and it is not user friendly at all. The Make the Cut software is wonderful and super easy. There are great online tools to help you learn as well.

  26. scott laughlin

    I bought this for my wife and I have found ways to use it myself making stickers and paint masks for rc cars. this cutter is easy to use and dose everything we need it to do and then some. I would recommend this cutter to anyone looking to get in to this hobby. The MTC software is also very easy to learn and use. Yes you pay more upfront for this unit but being able to use just about any file you can find online saves you tons of money in the long run.

  27. Veronika Trewin

    the Zing Air is my second Zing machine I loved my first one so I upgraded to the Air cutter. Previously I owned the Cricut and the Black Cat cutter but love the Zing the most. The support for the machine is outstanding and I am lucky enough to live close to just take my machine to the company that makes them in Florida. I can say only that it is a great machine and will always stick with it. It’s my Baby.

  28. Mary Harmon

    I looked at the Zing when I first got into vinyl crafting but thought it was a little high priced. Bought 2 different less expensive machines and finally decided to get a Zing. I could kick myself for wasting so much time and money on the others. Love,love,love my Zing.

  29. Clifton Willard

    I had a competitor’s machine for a while and it worked fairly well until I had an intermittent problem where the machine would not cut at all or it started cutting all over the place randomly and uncontrollably. I called technical support and they assured me the machine was under warranty. The technical support person started sending me test files to troubleshoot the machine. This went on for 2 1/2 or three months. If I called and left a message a few minutes before five there was no response until the next day or sometimes several days later. Nothing was ever fixed and I felt like I was being discouraged from pursuing the problem. Not once did they offer or suggest that I return the machine for then to resolve the problem. I had a project I had to complete so I searched for another machine.

    I came across,(http://www.createncraft.com/product/zing-air-cutting-machine-starter-packages) and decided it was a deal I couldn’t refuse. I purchased the machine and a few accessories. Once I got the machine I had some difficulties with my computer recognizing it. I called Joe R not knowing where he was actually located and therefore not knowing what time zone he was in. It was after hours and he answered on his cell phone! He also went over the problems with me and then sent me an email when he arrived home with instructions on what to do to solve the problem. The problem was solved! I called another time and got the same level of support. I’ve been in computers for many years and I cannot think of any piece of hardware that I purchased where I got the level of support I got from Joe R. The Zing Air machine is first-rate and I have had no problems with it once I got it connected and learned to use it. I would not hesitate to recommend the Zing Air to anyone and if it were possible I would give the Zing a six star rating.

    If that wasn’t enough the support for Make the Cut and Pop-up Card Studio cannot be beaten. The effort that is put in to supporting users of this software and the various users groups has to be the best in the industry.

  30. Eileen Leber

    Hi…make the cut program and the Zing and Zing Air…are the best products I ever bought…any problems I came up with were taken care of instantly..i like the on the air meeting on tuesday nights…given freely to members by the wonderful staff…that has given so much of their time…free to you the customers….they are all super smart ..courteous and helpful ..no clicks…all are treated the same… had another program that let us all down with support thank you keep crafting…eileen 10 star rating!

  31. J.C. Smith Spruce Creek Baptist

    Had a cricut but we were so limited in what we could do. Bought the zing air from Joe, gave the cricut and lots of cartilages away. Joe has gone overboard helping us. Thanks to Joe for all the videos teaching how to use. And all his other people like Sandy, etc. that are so great at helping. Not like other company’s that get your money, then no help. What a wonderful group of people! God Bless and thanks to all that contributed .

  32. Connie

    I absolutely LOVE my Zing! I had searched for months and compared the other machines that are out there. The Zing is THE BEST by far! If you can imagine it, you can make it with this machine!! There are help videos and the support is wonderful. I couldn’t be happier that I made the decision to buy this product!!

  33. Kelly G (verified owner)

    Got my Zing today. Had it cutting perfect the first try. I did have one small problem with my mat sliding around, but I was able to easily find the solution in the online manual. I do have to say I’ve had experience with setting the blade and I read a lot online and watched many videos before getting the machine though, so that helped. I really have to tell you how wonderful Joe is. I unpacked my machine and a piece was missing, I emailed Joe and he responded in maybe 45 minutes, within a couple hours, the missing piece was already mailed to me. Gotta love that customer service! I know I can count on Joe for any problems I may have.

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