Zing / MAXX Air Thick Material Blade (Blue Blade)

Zing / MAXX Air Thick Material Blade (Blue Blade)


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The KNK Zing / MAXX Air Thick Material Blade is recommended for cutting textured cardstock, chipboard, rhinestone template material, Shrinky Dink, stiffened felt, craft foam, craft plastic, balsa, Grungeboard, gum paste/fondant/Sugar Veil, clear stamping rubber, poster board, and other thick materials.

This blade comes with a spring and fits into the red, blue, and yellow KNK Zing blade holders.

The blade cover (also called the blade cap) is blue.


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Zing and MAXX Air Blades & Blade Holder Notes

  • The blades used by the Zing /MAXX Air are extremely fragile. Do not drop or even bump the blade onto any hard surface as it can chip easily.
  • When not in use, retract the blade into the blade holder or remove and cover the sharp end with the soft plastic cap.
  • Be careful to keep these small blades and their springs in a safe place.
  • Zing / MAXX Air blades have a cutting length of no greater than .09″ which is 2.28mm. So, materials greater than 2.28mm (about 89mil) will not cut well on the Zing /MAXX Air using Zing / MAXX Air blades.
  • Blade holders come in three colors; Blue, Red, Yellow. A blue blade holder is included with the Zing Air Cutting Machine. All three holders are the same except for the color. Each one (no matter the color) can hold the standard, thick or fabric blade. Many people purchase the red and yellow blade holders separately so they can dedicate one for each type of blade they are using.

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Blade Pack

5 Blade Pack, Single Blade

6 reviews for Zing / MAXX Air Thick Material Blade (Blue Blade)

  1. Sue Walker

    I am still using my blue blade after 3 years! And I only cut vinyl with my Zing.

  2. Rhonda

    This blade cuts through chipboard like butter!

  3. PaperGrandma

    I use my blue blade for thicker cardstock and heavier materials. To give an example of how long I get good cuts with a blade, I made 140 wedding invitations in January. Each invitation had 3 large cuts to it using 110lb. cover stock. I continue to use the same blade for my near daily cutting of regular cardstock. It is now June and my cuts are still clean.

  4. scott laughlin

    works great on heavy card stock on balsia wood what more is there to say. just get one

  5. Pam kent

    They seem to last forever, so glad to have something that cuts thicker materials.

  6. Teresa Johnson

    An excellent blade. Still going strong after all the abuse I put it through!

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