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Joe RotellaIn the fall of 2010, Joe Rotella, his partner Joe Morgan, and his sister Betty Scott, attended a crop at the invitation of one of Delphia Consulting’s clients. At the time, Joe Rotella was Chief Technical Officer of Delphia, a company that sells and implements Sage HRMS. The client, Hailey D., was a scrap-booker and knew Joe enjoyed crafts. Joe and the “tribe” had never been to a crop and thought it would be worth checking out. Although they expected to spend only an hour or so, they ended up being there from morning to midnight.

Joe Morgan quietly flipped through scrapbook after scrapbook, reading people’s stories and getting a glimpse in to their lives. Betty spent most of the day playing with a Sizzix die cutting machine. While Joe watched people use a Cricut electronic cutting machine. This was a tool and it used electricity – two things that always attract Joe’s attention.

Zing Air Cutting MachineOn the way home that night, Joe Morgan asked about buying a Cricut. Joe Rotella said “No! We’ll end up spending a fortune on cartridges. There must be a machine like this controlled by software.” And so the search began. Soon Joe discovered Sure Cuts A Lot, software that could drive a Cricut without cartridges. They bought the software and the Cricut and that started a chain reaction. Soon Joe Rotella was teaching people how to use Sure Cuts A Lot, demonstrating it at shows and selling it a booths at scrapbook conventions in the midwest. Create N Craft was founded during that time, in 2011.

Times have changed since then. Joe is now Chief Marketing Officer at Delphia Consulting. Same company, different role. He often calls that his “real job.” Sure Cuts A Lot is no longer available for the Cricut. And Joe has discovered the Zing Air cutting machine. A machine that finally lets him explore his creative ideas without being limited by cartridges, material width or material thickness.