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Propose A Workshop

Artiscape is known as a high-quality art retreat with a diverse set of workshops offered by experienced teachers. Past workshops have focused on paper arts, bookbinding, collage, art stamping, calligraphy, jewelry, metal working, altered books, polymer clay, and more. We’re always looking for experienced instructors who can bring new ideas to Artiscape.

Submission Deadline

Planning for Artiscape 2019 is underway. Check back in the fall of 2018 to submit a workshop for Artiscape 2019.

Workshop Guidelines

Follow these guidelines for a successful submission:

  • Please consider the theme when designing your workshop.
  • Workshops are offered Friday through Sunday; pre-conference workshops on Thursday evening.
  • The retreat has a mix of beginner, intermediate and advanced workshops of 1.5, 2, 2.5 and 3 hour time periods; a limited number of longer 4, 5, 5.5 and 6 hour sessions are available. It’s been our experience that a 6 hour workshop is challenging to schedule and that a 5.5 hour workshop is easier to schedule.
  • Small group intensive workshop sessions (10-12 participants) are offered.
  • We’re always short on 1.5-2.5 hour class submissions (and these sell well), so if you can, please submit workshops of that length.
  • Intermediate-advanced offerings are always in demand.
  • Workshops that are unusual and new is a goal; but appealing and successful are fine.
  • You are responsible for your travel expenses and arrangements.
  • At least one good quality digital photo is necessary to sell your workshops.
  • Instructors receive a complimentary Artiscape Weekend Pass (includes all the parties and Saturday dinner).

How to Prepare Your Submission

Workshop Proposals are accepted through an online form.

shutterstock_129069266-checklistWe’ve prepared a checklist to help you prepare everything you need to submit an Artiscape Workshop Proposal using the online form. The process is easy if you have everything ready to go BEFORE you start entering information in to the form.

We suggest you prepare what you’re going to submit using a text editor (i.e., Microsoft Word). A tool like that will let you spell and grammar check and can count how many characters you have in a given block of text.

Click here to download the Workshop Proposal Checklist. Complete it before beginning an online submission.

Note to Instructors Who Are New to Artiscape

We welcome experienced instructors who have not taught at Artiscape in the past to submit workshop proposals. Our students enjoy learning from instructors they haven’t worked with in the past.

You might find it helpful to see the types of workshops offered in the past. You can view Artiscape 2016 registration materials as an FYI by clicking here. These are provided to give you a basic idea of the offerings and prices from the past year’s workshops. Remember that these figures include the facility/admin fee, so teacher fees would be less $9-25, depending upon class size and resources needed.

Workshop Fees

Instructor fees typically range from $20-65 per student and include most materials (supply lists are included in registration materials, separate lists are not sent). We try to give attendees a good value and a positive experience so they keep coming back and it continues happily along.

The Selection Process

In the 45 workshops offered in 2016 most sold out before the event. We do our best to accommodate your workshops, but there are only so many slots available. It’s difficult juggling act to fit everyone—offering a variety of classes and accommodating traveling teachers (who often require several classes to make the journey).

You can expect notification about your submission in early January.

Frequently Asked Questionsbg-bird-leaf

Because of the large number of proposals we receive, we can only accept digital submissions using the online form provided here.
High quality digital photos are preferred over physical samples. You can upload them when you complete an online submission form. If we have questions or need to see a physical sample, we will contact you.
No. You can optionally submit an idea for the special Trading Spaces workshop when you submit a workshop proposal. Instructors are not required to participate in this event but are encouraged to consider it, as it frequently sells out.