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Artiscape – What To Bring & Wear

What to Wear

shutterstock_369800474April in Columbus, Ohio brings daily highs increasing from 56°F to 67°F over the course of the month. Overnight low temperatures range from 37°F to 47°F. The average probability that some form of precipitation, usually light rain, will occur on a given day is 53%, with little variation over the course of the month.

Wear lightweight clothing during the day when outdoors; a light wrap or sweater during the evening. Styles range from casual to arty.

Be sure to consider the workshops you are taking when deciding what to wear. Some classes could get a little messy, especially if paint is involved. Many participants wear an apron during workshops.

Aprons At ArtiscapeOf course, the hotel may be a different story!

Getting the temperature right for everyone at a hotel venue tricky. It’s always too hot for a few, too cold for a few, and just right for most. We recommend that you wear layers of clothing so you can add or remove, depending on whether the air-conditioning is on, if soldering torches or heat guns have heated up the room, the afternoon sun is streaming in the windows, etc.

Basic Tool Kit (BTK)

Some workshops will ask that you bring your Basic Tool Kit. A Basic Tool Kit (BTK) includes tools and supplies to have on hand for most workshops. Your BTK should include: pencil, scissors, a craft bond glue stick, an awl, a fine sharpie marker, a bone folder, a craft knife (e.g., X-Acto knife) & cutting mat, a metal ruler, baby wipes, and scrap paper for gluing and a few favorite stamps and ink pads. Favorite collage materials & embellishments are optional. Learn more about what is in a Basic Tool Kit here.

Artist Trading Cards

Artist trading cards (ATCs) are miniature pieces of art that are traded around the world. Artists create, trade, and collect art at organized swap events, either in person or online. The only official rule for ATCs is the size: 2.5″ x 3.5″.

Frequently Asked Questionsbg-bird-leaf

As the name suggests, a Trade is something you’ve created and then give to another attendee who then gives you one of their little creations. Trades may be little pins, artist trading cards (ATCs), bookmarks, embellishments, a small book, etc.

Trading Sessions are scheduled times when attendees are encouraged to meet one another to trade. You may also trade at events, in the hall, etc. It’s a great way to meet people and to see a variety of small works of art.

Many attendees do not participate in trades. We like to encourage everyone to try trading, even if you only bring a few items to trade. It’s a great way to meet people and to see a variety of art!