About Amy Day

Amy Day is a Senior Professional of Human Resources (SPHR) and the head of Human Resources for CME Federal Credit Union in Columbus, Ohio. She has worked for CME for over 10 years in the areas of sales, training, management, compliance, and now human resources. She has bachelors in Psychology and Learning and an MBA from Franklin University. In addition to working for CME, Amy is also a Close to My Heart consultant and a member of the Create & Craft design team where she uses her training background to bring her love of scrapbooking to those she meets. She has been married to her college sweetheart for over 13 years, and they have two adorable, furry, four footed children.

For the Love of Glitter Glue!

For some time, I've wanted reorganize my glitter glues.  I've been keeping my Stickles in a bag I purchased from Creative Memories, and my Martha Stewart glitter glues in basket in my craft room.  The Creative Memories bag worked well for awhile, but I grew tired of the bottles always falling over.  Not only did [...]

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Stamp Your Heart Out—Part 2

Last week, we looked at several ways to store stamps.  This week we’ll look at how I’ve OCDed my stamps! First, you have to see my reference book.  I owe this idea to two fabulous crafters – Joe Rotella and Julie Hutchison.  My organization method is a combination of their ideas.  Whenever Julie gets a [...]

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Oooohhhh Pppprreetttyyyy!!!

While cropping with my fabulous friend Carrie Layne, I couldn't help but marvel at her paper organization and efficiency.  OK, by marvel, I mean I petted it and chanted, "Ooooohhhh, ppprrreeetttyyyy!!!" To make her scrapbooking easier, Carrie cuts her card stock into 4.5 x 6.5 pieces and organizes them by color.  When she needs paper [...]

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Welcome to OCD with Amy D!

Yes!  You read it correctly - Welcome to OCD with Amy D - a new weekly blog post all about organizing your crafting supplies!  In this case, OCD stands for Obsessive Crafting Disorder!  (OK, there's a little traditional OCD involved as well.)  Sometimes I wonder what I love more.  Crafting?  OR  Buying and organizing crafting [...]

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Merry Christmas Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar Our last day and last holiday—Christmas.  Now it was time to use all of the skills and techniques we had learned during the past two days to create an advent calendar.  Embossing, shading, Wonder Film, crystal lacquer, distressing, and more!  Everything was used on these 25 tags to create a beautiful [...]

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