Barbara Trombley: The Original Glitter Queen!

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Barb Trombley, The Original Glitter Queen

Barb Trombley, The Original Glitter Queen

Today at the CHA 2011 Winter tradeshow, I had the pleasure to meet Barbara Trombley, the original glitter Queen!

Barbara was standing in front of a glittered butterfly, about 4 foot square, that had the most amazing shading I’ve ever seen! And there were rows and rows of glitter in all 100’s of colors and textures I’ve never seen before!

Barbara founded Art Institute Glitter in 1983. She began creating greetings cards by writing with glue on card stock and flooding the area with different, brilliant glitters.

Now, over twenty years later, Art Institute Glitter, Inc. has over 400 unique colors in 11 different types and distributes glitter all over the world. Barbara is the author of Glitter Artistry.

Barbara was delightful to talk with and I knew I just had to share her and her work with you.

Meet Barbara and see this amazing butterfly in this 1 minute video taken on the show floor.