Etched Slate Cheese Board with a Nerdy Design

Etched Slate Cheese Board with a Nerdy Design2018-12-15T22:39:41-05:00

Project Description

etchall® etching crème makes it easy to etch glass and turn plain glasses, plates and more into something personal and spectacular. But did you know you can etch slate just as easily?

If you’re hosting a gaming night or just having some nerdy friends over for dinner, etched pint glasses like the ones in the DIY: Etch A Pint Glass With A Police Box (e.g. TARDIS) post are certainly the perfect vessel for any beverage. Why not extend the geeky fun with a cheese board or serving slate that goes along with the theme!

See how Joe Rotella taught attendees at Gen Con 2018 how to transform a plain slate tile into a fandom serving slate using etchall® etching crème. etchall is a re-usable crème that produces a white opaque, permanent etched finish on glass, mirror, ceramic, porcelain, marble and slate.



Watch the progression, from plain slate to the finished piece! If you click on a photo, you will see it popup larger. You can scroll through the pictures that are popped up. You can even see them full screen! The controls are in the upper left of the popped up image.


There are 11 photos in this gallery. The page may take a minute to load. Hang in there – it’s really worth the wait!

A Collection of Geeky Cheese Boards

Check out the variety of designs Gen Con 2018 workshop participants used when creating their etched slate tiles.

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