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Project Description

Geisha Mica Tile Bookmark Gift TagIn early August, I’m offering four classes at Stampaway in Cincinnati, Ohio. One of those classes focuses on tags and I turned to Susan Pickering Rothamel from USArtQuest for advice. Just days after our chat, I received happy mail with lots of sample tags designed and created by Susan!

The tags used all sorts of cool techniques to create fantastic miniature works of art. Several used the techniques that inspired this project.

Start with a shipping tag and dry embossed it with a background pattern.

Vintage Watercolor PaletteNext, use MicaColor Watercolors to “wash” the tag with a variety of colors. I used colors from the Vintage and Metallic palettes. These palettes contain tiny, transparent mica flakes—highly refractive and reflective – to create shimmering effects. It’s amazing how easily they go on and what a “sparkly” effect you get!

Once the watercolor is dry, highlight the raised (or “embossed”) parts of the tag with gilding. Apply a little Duo Adhesive to a makeup sponge and lightly tap that on the raised portion of the tags. While wet, Duo Adhesive is white and sticky. When it dries clear, it’s just tacky enough for gilding, powdered mica pigments, foiling or even glitter. Susan always says “When it’s white, it’s not right. When it’s clear, it adheres.

GildenGlitz from USArtQuestWhen the Duo is clear (dry), apply Gildenglitz and then burnish off any excess. Ink the edges of the tag and stamp a background image using archival black ink on the tag. The image won’t stamp well (since the tag is embossed), but that’s OK. You’re going for a distressed look. Stamp art paper with a sentiment (this says “friendship”) and wrap around the bottom of the tag to form a pocket.

The bookmark is made of a medium mica tile, a charm and some twine.

Dry emboss the mica tile. I used a Geisha folder from Cuttlebug. To make the embossing stand out a bit more, I applied some Pearl fluid acrylic paint on the debossed side and quickly wiped it off. The pigment settled in to the recessed areas and helped them “pop” a bit. On the opposite side of the tag, I applied some Mars Black fluid acrylic paint. I also edged it with some Pearl.

When the acrylic paint is dry, punch a small hole at the top of the mica tile. Add twine and attach a charm to the other end.

Slip the tile in to the pocket and wrap the twine around the tag. To help hold the twine from slipping, create small notches with a small hole punch.

USArtQuestFor more great ideas using USArtQuest products, check out their blog at www.usartquestblog.com.

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    Super cool Joe! Love this!

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    Just ridiculous – ridiculous. (Just so you know, that's a good thing!)

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