Gem Particle Jewelry

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Project Description

Gem ParticlesI’m finding that Sakura 3D Crystal Lacquer combines with many elements such as beads, glitter, microbeads. These jewelry projects paired crystal lacquer and gem particles. These gem particles are a cross between tiny mica chips and chunky glitter. They are available from Sakura Hobby Craft in three iridescent colors: blue flash, raspberry, and peacock green.

I chose four different jewelry findings—silver oval earrings, black round pendant, black rectangular pendant, and a goldtone rectangular ring. My first challenge was finding a way to support the ring finding so the surface would remain flat while the lacquer dried. A bit of rummaging through my studio turned up a small button vial and seed beads, which did the trick.

I was able to embed the ring part of the find in the beads, leaving the top exposed.

Ring Support

Ring in Support

Rectangle PendantTo make the jewelry pieces, I sprinkled a fine layer of gem particles in the bottom of the finding. For the black pendants I used a combination of all three gem particle colors. For the earrings I used blue flash, and for the ring I used blue flash and raspberry particles.

Round PendantThe next step was to fill the finding with crystal lacquer. I used clear on all but the ring. For that I used the lightest pink from the Crystal Lacquer Glitter Primary set. As with all crystal lacquer projects, the hardest part is the last step: waiting for the project to dry!!

Earrings-Close UpHere’s a peek at my results. I’ve got to tell you, they look so much better up close and personal. They really sparkle like gems, but capturing that sparkle and shine in a photo is really hard.

You can see more projects using Sakura Crystal Lacquer on the Crystal Lacquer blog.

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