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Project Description

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I have a perpetual project to share with you. I have always enjoyed celebrating holidays and remembering special occasions. And, that is exactly what my signboard does.

I’m always on the look-out for small items to mold and cast, and they are perfect for the signboard embellishments. The source for these cast items ranges from found objects to jewelry to rubber stamps to odd pieces that friends have loaned. All of these were cast using Amazing Casting Resin, but the pieces were finished using different techniques.

Corn Charm

Original was a piece of jewelry; finished with Perfect Pigment Acrylic Paint with a top coat of PPA Gloss; mounted on ATC

Halloween Pumpkin

Original was a metal trinket; finished with Duo adhesive and gilding; mounted on mica tile

Valentine Heart

Original was a metal trinket; finished with Duo adhesive and gilding; mounted on chipboard

Christmas Treet

Original was a metal trinket; finished with Duo adhesive and gilding; mounted on cardstock



Original was an acrylic stamp; finished with Perfect Pigment Acrylic Paint; mounted on pattern paper


Original was a metal charm; finished with Duo adhesive and gilding; mounted on shimmer cardstock


Original was a rubber stamp; finished with Duo adhesive and Mica D’Lights; mounted on craft metal


Original was a metal trinket; finished with Perfect Pigment Acrylic Paint and top coat of PPA Gloss; mounted on cardstock


Original was a metal trinket; finished by dust mold with Alumilite Bronze Metallic Powder before pouring casting; mounted on shimmer cardstock

I used these finishing products: PPA GlossDuo AdhesiveGildenglitzPerfect Pigment Acrylic PaintMica D’Lights, and Bronze Metallic Powder

I said that this is a perpetual project because I can continue to mold and cast embellishment pieces for the signboard. I’m still looking for the perfect item to mold and cast for birthdays, anniversaries, and patriotic holidays.

Here’s my signboard heralding our glorious summer season.


Here are the steps for creating the sign board:

  1. Decorate the background of 6″ x 8″ canvas board. I printed my background on Craft Attitude film and adhered to the canvas board following manufacturer’s directions.
  2. Using a Crop-a-dile punch 4 holes each ½” from the side. Two holes 1 ½” from top and two holes 1 ¾” from bottom.
  3. Using brads, attach coiled wire in top holes.
  4. With an aggressive adhesive, attach pinch clothespin to center top of the signboard.
  5. Cut coordinating cardstock 2″ x 6″ for greeting banners. Pierce holes, centered, at each end of banner ½” from each edge. Attach to sign board with brads. I have banners and brads to go with each of my resin embellishment, and they’re changed to match the holiday or occasion. The banner titles were cut using my Zing electronic cutter.
  6. Individually, mount each resin casting to a backing material. I’ve used mica, cardstock, ATCs, chipboard, and metal.

What other occasions and holidays do you celebrate?
What would you mold and cast to commemorate them?

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