Crab – Animal Spirit Stamp by Earth Art International

Crab – Animal Spirit Stamp by Earth Art International


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A beautiful crab filled with intricate drawings of animals and totems from around the world.

The tenacious crab lives life with purpose. Always inventive and creative, the mighty little creature is always on the hunt for an opportunity, and when it comes, seizes it. Bear has left it’s mark on crab, a reminder of knowing one’s self and evoking great strength. In Astrology the crab is ruled by the moon and even with a hard outer shell, people born under the sign of the crab are very sensitive souls

Original Art by Sue Coccia.

Measures approximately 3″ x 4″.


Made in  the USA.

4 in stock

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Sue CocciaDesigned By Sue Coccia

Award winning Northwest artist Sue Coccia is from Edmonds, Washington.

Sue’s Grandmother’s Grandmother was Native American, and that tiny bit of heritage has had a large influence on her art. Indigenous art, and its relationship with the animal worlds has also influenced Sue’s unique style. A deep love of all animals was instilled at a very young age and Sue has dedicated her life’s work to them. She has a formal art training background, however she was truly inspired by her high school art teacher, d’Elaine Johnson, an internationally recognized artist.

She enjoys her family, meditation and the artistic process. Also, she is an avid gardener, and a black belt in TaekwonDo.

“Animal Spirits” are inspired drawings in pen and ink. The drawings depict animal images, or totems, from around the world. Animal Totems represent a deep spirituality, and by beginning to understand animals’ qualities and traits, we can learn from them.

Intricate pen & ink drawings on watercolor paper, meticulously hand -painted with acrylic paints. Look for the ladybug in every image: she represents good luck, happiness and prosperity!

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