Force Cutting Machine Packages

Force Cutting Machine Packages

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The Force is the ultimate cutting machine for crafters and makers! Whether you’re a crafter, DIY enthusiast, student, teacher, inventor or business owner, the KNK Force is the perfect tool for you!

The KNK Force is a dual-head, computerized plotter with a twist. Most “conventional plotters” use a solenoid for a cutting head. The KNK Force cutter uses a motor. This means it is a true 3 axis cutter!

Why two heads? For twice as much action! In one step you can stipple and emboss, emboss and cut, engrave and cut, draw and emboss… the possibilities are endless!

In addition to the standard Basic Force Cutting Machine package, we offer three starter packages to match your crafting needs. The starter packages give you 20% off the bundled accessories and all our packages have free shipping in the continental United States!

  • Basic Force Package – The standard Force package, including the machine, KNK C3 Cutter Command Center software, a standard material blade, a thick material blade, the blue blade holder, a 15″ x 15″ mat, 1 year parts & labor warranty and support.
  • Paper Crafter Package – The Basic Package plus an extra standard material blade, an extra thick material blade, and the red blade holder (so you can switch blade holders out rather than change blades when you want to switch from standard to thick).
  • Master Crafter Package – For the crafter who works with paper and fabric! The Basic Package plus an extra standard blade, an extra thick material blade, 2 fabric blades, and the yellow blade holder so you can easily change blade holders out when you change materials (rather than change out blades).
  • Maker Package – For the maker that wants to take advantage of all the power behind the Force! Everything in the Master Crafter Package plus the Rotary Tool.

Note: We are now shipping the KNK Force. However, we are still working on the camera features. Once we have the features complete, an update will be available on all machines. If you would like to continue to wait for your KNK Force to ship, please let us know by adding a note to your order (available on the checkout page).

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The KNK Force has a new head design and offers approximately 8.8 lbs of force (both up and down). That’s over 5X the cutting pressure of the KNK Zing and Zing Air! All that power, ye still able to cut delicate materials, like vinyl, because of the innovate blade holder design.


The Force has a built in computer, which allows you to open and cut existing SVG files.


The Force works directly with several software applications. For example, Make The Cut will support the KNK Force, allowing you to bypass the built-in KNK C3 software. In other words, if you’re used to cutting with a cutter like the KNK Zing Air or MAXX Air, you’ll be right at home.


The KNK Force is a true network device. You can add it to your home network via Ethernet or connect to it via WiFi (included with every KNK Force).

Cut From Your Phone

You can control the KNK Force from virtually ANY device with an operating system! Seamlessly switch from one device to another. Send the file from your PC or Mac, then switch to your smartphone or tablet, while standing right next to the cutter!

Built In Camera

A true camera – not an optic eye. A camera lets the Force support both automatic and manual print and cuts as well as easily calibrate any combination of accessories in the dual cutting heads. Optic eyes can have some shortcomings, such as difficulty recognizing registration marks in low-contrast situations. The Force in the camera overcomes those problems.

Built In Storage

The built-in storage and drop down table allows you to store all of your tools, blades, blade holders and other goodies, to help keep your work space clutter free!

A Rotary Tool Option For Makers

The head was designed specifically to support use of an optional rotary tool. You can control the plunge speed and depth. And the head supports the weight of a heavy rotary tool.
This optional attachment greatly expands the range of materials the Force is capable of cutting and engraving. Now you can cut materials, such as wood and PVC at 1/8″ thickness. With a few more adjustments to the firmware, we’re hoping to be able to cut some materials that are 1/4″ thick!

Force Cutting Machine Packages

Paper Crafter
Force Cutting Machine It's Included! It's Included! It's Included! It's Included!
Thick Material (Blue) Blade  1 2 2 2
Blue Blade Holder It's Included! It's Included! It's Included! It's Included!
Standard Material (Red) Blade  1 2 2 2
Red Blade Holder  – It's Included! It's Included! It's Included!
Fabric (Yellow) Blade  –
Yellow Blade Holder  –
15″ x 15″ Sticky Mat with Red Grid Lines It's Included! It's Included! It's Included! It's Included!
WiFi Adapter (installed in Force) It's Included! It's Included! It's Included! It's Included!
Ethernet Cable It's Included! It's Included! It's Included! It's Included!
Power Adapter It's Included! It's Included! It's Included! It's Included!
Test Pen It's Included! It's Included! It's Included! It's Included!
KNK C3 (Cutter Command Center) Software It's Included! It's Included! It's Included! It's Included!
Instructions/Tutorial It's Included! It's Included! It's Included! It's Included!
Rotary Tool It's Included!
1 Year Warranty
Optional 2 year warranty for an additional $99
It's Included! It's Included! It's Included! It's Included!
Live support by Joe Rotella via Email or Phone  It's Included! It's Included! It's Included! It's Included!
Shipping within the continental US.
For a quote on shipping outside the contential US, please submit our Force Air Shipping Quote Request form
Free Shipping in the Continental US Free Shipping in the Continental US Free Shipping in the Continental US Free Shipping in the Continental US

Your Force Cutting Machine is an investment. Your relationship with your dealer is too.

Joe RotellaYour Force dealer is your first line of support. So, it’s important to carefully decide where you’ll buy your new machine. When you purchase from Create N Craft, Joe Rotella is your first line of support. Every purchase receipt includes his cell phone number. He carries it with him all day, every day, and generally accepts calls from 9AM to 11PM EST. While he may not be able to answer your call, he will get back with you shortly. You can also reach him by email or facebook and he’s connected all the time.

If needed, you can also contact KNK USA, using the Contact page under Support on their web site.

The Zing Air also has a user forum and other support forums, as listed on the first page of the Zing Air User Manual.

The Basic Zing Air package is the same price across all dealers. Create N Craft offers additional
package options that include accessories at a discounted price.

Force Cutting Machine Shipping Notes

Within the Continental United States

Free Shipping in the Continental USWithin the continental United States, the Force Cutting Machine is shipped FedEx Ground from our warehouse in Apopka, Florida, unless other arrangements are made. Shipping is FREE on any Force Cutting Machine within the continental US.  When you purchase Force accessories at the same time as a Force Cutting Machine, the accessories are also shipped for free (continental US only). Accessories are shipped in the same box as the Force Cutting machine except for the Force Stand, which ships in its own box. The map below shows estimated transit time for Fedex Ground delivery within the US. FedEx Ground Transit Time Map

Please note that FedEx delivers Monday-Friday if the destination address is a business, and Tuesday-Saturday if the destination address is a residence.  Here’s a sample comparison using “best case” scenario (barring any weather problems, delays receiving the order, etc.):

Destination Central Ohio Central Ohio Central Ohio Central Ohio
Transit Days
(See Map)
2 2 2 2
Destination Type Residence Business Residence Business
Order By Thursday
before 2PM EST
before 2PM EST
before 2PM EST
before 2PM EST
Ships Thursday, 3PM Thursday, 3PM Friday, 3PM Friday, 3PM
Expected Delivery Saturday Monday Tuesday Tuesday


Outside the Continental United States

For shipping outside the continental United States, please email and ask for a Force Shipping Quote. Please be sure to give the full destination address and a list of what you would like to order. The shipping quote depends on the destination and total weight. This will provide us with the necessary information to give you a shipping quote within 2 business days. We offer two shipping methods outside the continental US; FedEx Economy and FedEx Priority.

Payment Plan Policy

Want to reserve your Force but need more time to pay? Our Payment Plans let you pay over time. Payment Plans are a convenient way to shop that allows you to easily divide your purchase into monthly payments. No interest. No fees. Your product ships after the last payment has been made. Yes, it’s that easy.

Additional Details:

At the time of purchase, we will bill your credit/debit card or PayPal account for the first installment plus sales tax (if applicable). For each remaining installment you’ll receive an invoice for that payment. Invoices are sent via email to you 30 days beginning 30 days after the original order date.

CreateNCraft does not assess interest charges or fees on Payment Plans. However, if you cancel your order at any time, you will be charged a 15% restocking fee.

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Force Package

Basic, Paper Crafter, Master Crafter, Maker


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