MagiKote by DecoArt (8 Ounces)

MagiKote by DecoArt (8 Ounces)


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Create Styrofoam™ masterpieces. Simply carve, combine, or sculpt ordinary Styrofoam™ shapes. Then cover with MagiKote™ for a smooth paintable finish.

Decoart MagiKote Styrofoam™ Coating transforms Styrofoam™ into a smooth; hard, paintable surface. Carve, combine or sculpt ordinary Styrofoam shapes, then apply 2 or 3 thin coats using a brush, palette knife or craft stick. Allow to dry completely, overnight. Can be sanded to a smooth finish, after drying

With simple painting techniques and MagiKote™, Styrofoam™ takes on the look of stone, pottery, and much more… at a fraction of the cost.

MagiKote™ Surface Coating for Styrofoam® will allow sculptors and crafters alike to worry less about the waffled, bumpy surface working with Styrofoam® typically produces. As the paper-plaster type coating is applied, the Styrofoam® transforms into a smooth surface, which can then easily be painted using Americana® Acrylic paints and mediums.

Because solvents in spray paints and oil-based paints melt or eat away Styrofoam®, acrylic paints have long been trusted to create fun and bright crafts using the affordable and lightweight foam material. Styrofoam® is also easily carved and sanded to make lightweight sculptures.

Click here for a free downloadable guide on how to use MagiKote.

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