Telescoping Alligator Clip with Pocket Clip

Telescoping Alligator Clip with Pocket Clip


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Easy-to-use alligator clip holds your work so you don’t have to! Perfect when heat embossing or melting UTEE (Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel).

Also works well for sponging, clamping, gluing or wherever an “extra hand” is needed. Use it to light pilot lights and over-primed grills, to hold a magnet and grab lost screws or to fish wires.

This 6-draw telescoping tool has a 1-1/4″ steel alligator clip and extends from 8-1/4″ (with a pocket clip) to 30″ long.

4 in stock

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2 reviews for Telescoping Alligator Clip with Pocket Clip

  1. Terri Lynn Sproul

    need a way to hold some of the small things?? here it is

  2. Amy Day

    I use this ALL the time! When I need to hold something close to my heat gun, I extend it to just the right length to keep my hands free from burns. When I’m coloring stamped images with chalk, it allows me to squish and form the cotton to just the right size for coloring. Plus, when I’m being extra lazy and don’t want to crawl under the table to get the piece of paper I dropped, a glue dot on the end of the clip with the arm extended makes for a GREAT extra arm!

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