Extra Scrappy!

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Last OCD with Amy D, I showed you how I organize my smaller scraps, but what about the larger pieces?  And the pieces that cannot be cut down to 5×5 or smaller?

Originally, I kept a clear 12×12 folder for each color and carried all of the folders in this great bag.  It worked for a time, but it was becoming a real pain to undo those folders each time.

My new system comes courtesy of the fabulous Shirley!  Check our her blog Simply Stampin with Shirl. Shirley uses a legal size file box with a great snap on lid.  It keeps her papers neat, dry, and portable.

Not only did Shirley show me this great organizational system, she also gave me one of my own!  Of course, I had to further OCD it by color coding the file tabs.  I couldn’t just write the name of the color on the label.  I had to use one of the scraps to make the label.  Taking a cue from one of our followers, I put the solid colors in ROY G BIV order!

After the ROY G BIV, I added white, black, brown, and Close to My Heart solids.  You may also have noticed some patterned tabs.  They are actually Close to My Heart prints, Disney, Dogs, Holidays, Miscellaneous, and Travel.  I used themed patterned papers to indicate the category.  How much fun is that?!

My new system is just fabulous!  Thank you Shirley for not only the great idea but also the holder!  You are a true OCD heart throb!