June Card Club

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I ABSOLUTELY loved this month’s card club theme!   I LOVE IT!  I LOVE IT!  I LOVE IT!

June’s theme was card maps.  For those of you not familiar with card maps or page maps, they can help take your creativity to a new level.  They can also make your crafting easier and faster. A map gives you a creation foundation.  It gives you a general layout and guideline for element placement.  Your creativity takes it to the next level.

For card club, Heather provided us with a map from Scrapbook Generation’s Sketches for Cardmaking and challenged us to create using the basic elements and layout of the sketch.  The second I saw the sketch, I knew what we were doing and got excited!  I have been a fan of Scrapbook Generation for years.  My husband is from Missouri; and every time we go home, I have to visit.  The ladies that own and work at Scrapbook Generations are extremely talented, and I was always mesmerized by their layouts.  On one visit, I was pleased to see they had combined several of their layout designs into a book called Sketches for Scrapbooking.  Thirteen books later, I am proud to say I have been there from the beginning and own each volume!

The basics of the sketch we used were comprised of a larger item and sentiment located in the lower half of the card followed with 3 smaller elements layered on slightly larger elements above and to the right of the larger piece.   Here’s a picture of the sketch and the card we created during the class portion of card club.  Now, let’s look at some of the cards by the Create & Craft team.


Looking at my card, you will notice the flag and the sentiment – Let Freedom Ring.  Both are located in the lower half of the card and mounted on a strip of blue cardstock with stars and a cream mat.  Above and to the right are 3 circles measuring 1.25 inches each.  The smaller elements are made up of two 1 inch circles and a piece of ribbon.



Take a look at Betty’s card.  One of the first things you will notice is that her smaller element bases are square instead of circular like mine.  There was no “rule” on the shape of the elements just the general size and placement.  I always love to see how everyone interprets a sketch and how they make it their own, and I love how Betty combined the round flowers with the square mats.




Joe R. took yet another approach.  Can you see the map?  Notice the 3 larger squares with the fish and kelp on top?  The crab meets the larger element requirement with the “Long time no sea!” sentiment completing the map elements.




Last but not least, Joe Morgan’s card.  By this point, you should be able to easily spot the sketch elements.  Joe took even a different approach in using square on square elements.



Sketches for Scrapbooking and Sketches for Card Making have really taken my paper crafting to a new level, and I highly recommend them.  To get your own copy, contact Red Letter Journal!  And join us Sunday, July 1st at 3pm for the next card club!  The theme is animals – stamps, paper, stickers, die-cuts – the options are endless!  For more information on joining card club, contact Red Letter Journal at 614-539-3900 or a member of the Create & Craft team!