Gilding with Duo Adhesive & a Rubber Stamp

Gilding with Duo Adhesive & a Rubber Stamp2017-12-27T11:25:30-05:00

Project Description

Red Gilded Frog Card

The term gilding covers a number of decorative techniques for applying fine metal leafing (usually gold) or powder to solid surfaces such as wood, stone, or metal to give a thin coating of metal. Metal leaf, also called composition leaf or schlagmetal, is a thin foil used for gilding.

Duo Adhesive from USArtQuestThere are many ways to apply metal leaf. In general, you need to create a tacky surface that the leafing will adhere to. This is easily done with Duo™ adhesive from USArtQuest and a rubber stamp.

While Duo is wet, it’s white and sticky. When it dries clear, it’s just tacky enough for gilding, powdered mica pigments, foiling or even glitter.  Duo can be applied to rubber stamps, used with a brush, dipped or poured into refillable pens. Use Duo™ on walls, wood, paper, glass, metal, and mica.

To create this gilt frog card, I applied a little Duo adhesive directly on to a small makeup sponge, creating my own “portable Duo pad.” I dabbed the sponge on to the rubber stamp and then stamped the frog image.

When you’re done stamping, be sure to wash the stamp. You don’t want the Duo adhesive to dry on it. I keep a small container of soapy water and a brush on my workstation so I can immediately clean the stamp.  While I clean the stamp, the Duo stamped on the card is drying. The saying goes like this –  When it’s white, it’s not right. When it’s clear, it adheres! So the Duo will stamp on the card milky white and when it’s dry, it will be clear.

GildenGlitz from USArtQuestOnce it’s dry, apply metal leafing. I used GildenGlitz from USArtQuest on the frog. It comes it several colors, including gold, silver, copper, variegated, sunset and autumn splendor. Just lay piles of the leafing on the tacky Duo and then burnish it off with a texture sponge. The result is spectacular!

I finished this card by cutting out the frog and a mat with Spellbinders dies. The mat is gold Mirri Reflective Card. This cardstock comes in 8 colors that have a mirror-like reflective surface on one side (and a matte white finish on the other). I layered green rice paper, the gold mat and the frog on a black card with Great Tape, and the card was complete!

USArtQuestCheck out the YouTube video below to see how I used the Duo adhesive with a rubber stamp. And for more great project ideas, visit the USArtQuest blog.

Happy Crafting!     Joe 


  1. Shirley Wheeler June 29, 2012 at 12:45 am - Reply

    First off just let me say, your videos are by far my favorites. You never sound rushed and you give complete instructions which makes it so easy to follow. I know I can do the project just following your videos!

    I have a lot of leafing material and have only used it with tacky tape. This is going to be so fun to use with my stamps now.

    One quick question. You gave a link for the burnishing sponges but where did you get the burnishing tool with he handle?

    Take care and see you Saturday!

    • Joe Rotella June 29, 2012 at 5:12 am - Reply

      Hi Shirley! Thank you for your kind words and comment! You are always so nice to me! (well, to everyone actually!).

      The texture tool in the video has a handle and it is from Close To My Heart. They sell a package called "Texture Tools" for $9.95. It contains 4 different texture brushes. It's product Z1298 and you can order it directly from my CTMH contact, Amy Day!

      A link to the product on her site is:…

      You can also browse Amy's shop at <a href="” target=”_blank”>

  2. Amy Day June 29, 2012 at 5:19 am - Reply

    Joe, thanks for the referral! I absolutely love my burnishing sponge, but I have only used it for applying distress ink (which I LOVE by the way!). I too have some leafing material that I've never used, and this video reminded me why I bought it! Now I know I have a great tool to help with the technique! Guess what I'll be playing with this weekend! Thanks for the great video!

  3. Ann Stoner June 29, 2012 at 12:05 pm - Reply

    I love the frog stamp, where did it come from? Also keep up the great ideas, and wonderful videos.

  4. Laserwrite Promotion July 6, 2012 at 9:09 pm - Reply

    The stamp is awesome and i really like the gold leaf it really makes a big diffrence

  5. ledonna garbani March 12, 2014 at 11:39 pm - Reply

    Where can I get a burnishing brush?

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