Handmade Paper Casting Jewelry

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This is a great autumn project! I created a piece of jewelry from a a handmade paper casting. I used Arnold Grummer’s paper casting strainermaple leaf moldcotton linter squares, and copper sprinkles.

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Following the directions in the linter package, I used four linter squares—enough to cover the mold. I blended the linter squares with three cups of water, added a teaspoon of sprinkles, and gave the pulp mix one more quick whir in the blender.

Next, I strained the pulp into the casting strainer, pressed out some of the excess water, and plopped the casting pulp onto the mold. After I had pressed the pulp into all areas of the mold, I used a sponge to press out the excess water. Then, I carefully took the casting out of the mold and set it on a flat surface to air dry. Drying took about a day.
I used scissors to cut the leaf shape out of the paper casting. I painted the top of the leaf with PPA from USArtQuest. I used a generous amount, but not so much that the paper revertered to pulp. While the adhesive was still wet I covered the leaf with USArtQuest Gold Dust Mica flakes. When the leaf was dry, I added a coiled bead made from 34 gauge brass wire and wrapped the leaf with 24 gauge brass wire. I attached a pin back to the reverse side of the lead.
I love the way the copper sprinkles add just the right amount of depth through the gold mica dust. I’m going to enjoy wearing this special piece of jewelry this fall.

Finished Pin

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  1. Dara @ I Love Paper October 17, 2012 at 4:29 am - Reply

    I really like Arnold Grummer's papermaking tools and info and have made lots of paper with it – some of which I have made into jewelry. Making a casting is a really interesting idea for jewelry. The gold mica really adds a nice amount of sparkle!

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