How-to: Pumpkin Iris Folding

How-to: Pumpkin Iris Folding2017-12-27T11:25:30-04:00

Project Description

Iris Folding originated in Holland, where crafters made their designs using patterned paper cut from the inside of envelopes.  Today we will be using a lightweight paper.  You can also use wrapping paper, origami paper, foil and ribbon.   As you become more comfortable with this technique you will see your creativity come to life.

So let’s get started.

Supplies for iris folding:

  • iris fold Pattern and cut out
  • strips of colored paper
  • Scotch tape
  • scissors

(Iris kits can be purchased, please contact me for details. )

  •  First, lay your iris folding pattern on your work surface and tape the corner down.  Next place your cutout over the pattern, line it up and tape.
  • Cut paper into 1″ wide strips, fold each strip 1/4″ along its length.




  • Take your folded strip of paper and place it on number 1. The folded edge should be against the line of the pattern. Trim each end of the strip so that about 1/4″ overlaps the edge of the cut out at both ends.
  • Fix the strip (once you have it in place) with small pieces of tape again on both ends.
  • Continuing layering the paper in numerical order (just like you would a paint by numbers). You will see your design start to unfold, so to speak.
  • When all the numbers are covered and you are down to the last open space this is your iris.
  • The iris can be covered with a flat piece of paper. Depending on the design, you can use different colors. In this case, being a pumpkin it is best to use the same paper.


  • While keeping the pattern intact and still mounted to the base piece of paper. You now have a pumpkin design to create with. Remove the stabilizing tape from around the border.
  • Mount the finished pumpkin on the front of your card or design of choice. In this one, the design has been mounted onto a colored card stock and then added leaves and a vine.
  • Sit back and admire your finished card!!!


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