Happy Halloween! from PK Glitz Retreat

Happy Halloween! from PK Glitz Retreat2017-12-27T11:23:08-04:00

Project Description

Trick or Treat Bag

Welcome to our first day of classes at the PK Glitz Retreat!!!  Our theme for the day?  Halloween!

We started the day by making our very own trick or treat bag!  This was also our introduction to Wonder Film.  These double sided adhesive sheets will stick to anything – glass, acrylic, paper mache, card stock, wood, fabric, and more!  You can cut it with scissors, run it through your die cutting machine, and punch it!  Janelle had already cut some sheets of Wonder Film into pumpkins for us to use in decorating our trick or treat bag.

The first step was to peel off one side off of the Wonder Film and adhere it to the bag.  Wonder Film is extremely sticky and ensures the designs stay stuck.  It also ensures the ultra fine glitter will stay on the design and not work its way in to every nook and cranny of your home!  Using a small plastic spoon and the waterfall effect (lightly tapping the spoon to ensure even dispersion of the glitter), we created the shadow using Poppy Jasper Glitz.  Buttered Rum Glitz was then used to create the shine before covering the entire pumpkin with Mandarin Glitz.  What’s really great about the Wonder Film and the ultra fine glitter is that once a layer is applied to a section, you can cover it with other colors, brush off the excess, and the original color will remain!  Finally, for the moon, we covered the circle with Crystal Sunshine, a clearer color which allows some of the underlying color to show threw making the moon glow.  A bat covered acetate is then attached to the moon to give it a spooky look.

Witch’s Shoe

After making our trick or treat bag, we created a fun way for gifting candy.  Using patterns provided by Janelle, we cut and assembled our witches’ boots and decided that they would also make fun elf shoes for Christmas!  To create the glittered brads, we covered plain, boring office supply brads with Wonder Film and dipped them in to the glitter.  To create the buckle, we covered the pattern with crystal lacquer and Steel Glitz.  We then filled our witches’ boots with candy corn which didn’t make it to the photo shoot!

Halloween Cards

For our next project, we got to play with more acetate and make three cute Halloween cards.  Instead of laying the acetate over a glittered piece, we applied crystal lacquer to the various areas like a paint.  The fine tip attachment for the crystal lacquer makes this extremely easy.  After applying crystal lacquer to all the areas requiring a certain color, we covered the crystal lacquer with Glitz and gave the sheet a couple flicks to remove the excess Glitz.  This process was repeated until the entire image was colored.  After the acetate is dry, the image can be mounted on card stock.

Amy’s Costume!

Finally, what do you need to really go trick or treating?  A costume!  We were each given a mask, 2 acetate butterflies, and free rein to create!  For my mask, I cut some Wonder Film to accent the eyes and used crystal lacquer to outline the mask and add the dots around the eyes.  All the “stickiness” was covered with Azure Glitz (one of my new favs!).  To create the butterfly, we were each given 2 acetate butterflies which we covered with Wonder Film, cut out, and covered with our choices of glitter.  The butterflies are then attached along the bodies and the wings are folded to give it a 3 dimensional aspect.  We could also add ribbon and other bling/embellishments to complete our look.

After a long day of playing, we were treated to a Halloween buffet of salads and taco soup (aka Witches Brew).  All of this was topped of with a build your own sundae bar!  Full and happy, we headed back to the classroom for some open craft time!

Check back tomorrow for more PK Glitz fun!

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    Great job Amy!

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