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Project Description

It’s bright!  It’s shiny!  It sticks everywhere, and it was the theme for January’s card club!  It’s GLITTER!

The now even sparklier (apparently not a word but it should be!) participants were tasked with using dry glitter in making their cards for January.  Ultra fine or big ‘n chunky – it didn’t matter.  I just had to be dry glitter which meant no Stickles or glitter glue.  Participants could create borders with a tape runner, sprinkle glitter over crystal lacquer, create patterns and shapes with sticky paper, and more!

I’ll start, as always, with my favorite card of the month which is . . . drum roll please . . . mine!  Yes!  I’m the winner!  Woot!  Woot!  I feel a bit vain saying my card is my favorite two months in a row, but I am really happy with how it turned out.  Plus, I used several great tools and techniques that I do not use enough.  First, I used brown Coordinations paper that had a green core.  I picked this up at last year’s Memories Expo just because Joe R. needed a 12×12 sheet of paper, and it was cheap.  I’m so glad I did!  I ran it through my Cuttlebug with a vine embossing folder.  I then sanded the pattern to bring out the green for the vines.  (I also used my cloud shaped Corner Chomper to make decorative corners.)  Next, I used a new Spellbinder shape to cut and emboss the sentiment.  The tiny “Thinking of You” sentiment?  Close to my Heart!  Finally, the piece de resistance – my sparkly butterfly!!!  I cannot talk about this without giving a shout out to Janelle and PK Glitz!  I found a butterfly online and printed it on acetate.  (Technically, Joe R. printed it on acetate.  It’s good to have friends in low places!)  Using PK Glitz’s FABULOUS wonderfilm, I covered each butterfly.  I then lightly cut through the protective backing and added Purple Iris Glitter Glitz to the “eyes” of the butter fly.  I then removed the covering over the body and added Steal Glitter Glitz.  Finally, I removed the wings and dusted Red Hot Chili Pepper, Azure (my favorite!), and Lemonade Glitter Glitz.  Each card has two butterflies.  The bottom one is attached to the card using scraps of Wonder Film, and the top is attached to the bottom using Wonderfilm on just the body.  It’s a gorgeous technique that Jenelle taught us during our retreat.

Next up, Joe Morgan who used an adorable tree stamp set that depicts the four seasons as they would appear on the tree.  Using a fine glue pen, Joe added bits of sparkle to the leaves and branches as they transitioned from winter (white snowflakes) to spring (blooming flowers) to summer (green and growing) to fall (oranges, yellows, and reds).  The sentiment “Wishing you peace and joy throughout the year” ties the card together and is perfect for the start of a new year.

Getting us in the mood for love (and the next big holiday!), Joe R. created a simply loveable card.  What I really “lurv” about this card is how easy it was.  We sometimes forget that easy can still be fabulous!  Using the Zing, Joe cut the letters and mat out of black card stock.  He then cut the heart out of glitter card stock.  Some mats and adhesive and viola!  This card is cute and DONE!

Finally, Betty’s card was created using a COOL new technique!  It’s the same technique that Joe R. blogged about January 12 using paper napkins and Perfect Paper Adhesive from USArtQuest.  Betty used the same technique on cardstock to create the butterfly and flowers picture.  While everything was still wet, Betty sprinkled a light coat of glitter to make the image pop and sparkle!

Next month’s theme is using ink pads for anything other than stamping.  Ink pads can be used for several things besides stamping.  A template can be used to create a background by pressing the ink pad through the template.  Water based ink pads can be used with a water brush to color stamped images.  Ink can be added to embellishments such as flowers or wooden buttons to change the look.  The options are endless!

If you would like to join the monthly card club at Red Letter Journal, we meet the first Sunday of each month at 3pm.  Give the store a call to RSVP or contact any member of the Create and Craft team.  We would love to have you join us!


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