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Apparently last month was a fluke.  Heaven forbid I post our monthly card club on time two months in a row.  Silly me!

This month’s theme was doodling.  Doodling – it’s not just for junior high notebooks anymore!

The highly coveted “Amy’s Fav” award this month goes to Betty!  When Betty showed me her card, I thought she had veered off our intended course.  It happens often.  We’ll be talking about one thing and with just a beat, we’re on a completely different topic.  I blame my undiscovered ADD!  When I realized it was actually her doodled card, I believe my exact words were, “That’s ridiculous!”  Betty used a basic, plain flower pattern which she doodled in to a design.  Notice the little @ symbols – way cute!

Joe Morgan also caused me to doubt what I was seeing.  When Joe showed me his card, I had to ask, “What’s the doodle?”  Joe started by stamping the caldron.  The monster heads, pumpkin, and bat are all individual stamps.  To tie everything in together (and to meet the doodling requirement), Joe added the wisps and bubbles.  Joe also repeated last month’s theme using his own creation of background paper using the shaving cream and ink technique.

Carol used a technique that I had to Google.  Ever heard of “Zentangle”?  It’s an artistic way of using your doodles to create a beautiful image.  Zentangle.com defines the technique as “an easy to learn method of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns.”  The really great thing about Zentangles is how relaxing it can be – relaxing and beautiful.

Joanna’s card really captured the time of year – fall!  She doodled the entire sentiment – the leaf, “Happy Thanksgiving”, and the scalloped edge.  The sentiment is perched on green paper that was dry embossed with ink rubbed lightly over the raised surface.

After much fussing (read whining), Joe R. created yet another great card!  Plus, he got a jump on next month’s theme!  Joe doodled different Christmas scenes in to each letter of “JOY”.  I especially love the snow globe theme in the “O”.  Now, all he needs to do is reproduce the card a good 100 times, and my Christmas cards will be done!

Last, but not least, here’s my card.  I used my absolute favorite Riley stamp.  I don’t know if it’s the look on his face, how cute his little feet are, or the sense of youthful joy I get from the bouncy ball.  The stamp has one bounce mark, and I doodled three more to make it look like he bounced across the card.  I also doodled the dots on the “smile” sentiment which was cut using my Cricut.

Those of you who were paying attention already know next month’s theme – Christmas!  Technically, it’s winter holidays – Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, etc.  Joe Morgan’s favorite holiday may be Halloween, but this is my favorite – Christmas!  So, you better watch out, you better not cry!  Santa Claus is coming to town!

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  1. Shirley Wheeler November 29, 1999 at 3:00 pm - Reply

    All these cards are amazing! It makes you look at your stamps in a whole new light. I just saw a book on Zentangle and thought how cool. Your blog is always up on all the latest! :0) Again, what a great job everyone did on their cards. Have a great weekend!

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