You Can Never Have Too Many Shoes

You Can Never Have Too Many Shoes2017-12-27T11:25:35-04:00

Project Description

Amazing Mold Putty LogoThis original hollow brass shoe was one of the first things I molded when I joined the Amazing Mold Putty design team. Joe Rotella, founder and creative director of Create & Craft, found it during one of his flea market excursions. I remember thinking that all the details were probably going to be too much for the putty to capture. But, I was so wrong. This putty picks up the tiniest details.


I’ve cast this shoe several different ways using the same mold. On this version I use Amazing Casting Resin, which is white when it is set. Next, I painted the entire surface with USArtQuest’s Duo Embellishing Adhesive. This liquid adhesive goes on white, and dries clear and tacky. Perfect for adhering the Gilding Bitz, also from USArtQuest. I used a small, dry brush to manipulate the gilding leaf, and gentle brushed and tamped it into every curve and flourish. I added a pin back and now have a OOAK (on of a kind) brooch.

Gilded Shoe

These shoes I cast using Amazing Casting Resin and Amazing Clear Cast. Before pouring the casting resin (white), I dusted the mold with pearlescent powder. This, too, was finished with a pin back. The clear cast piece I intend to use as an embellishment for a card or journal.

Pearl ShoeClear Shoe

This darling pink shoe was cast using fondant. Yes, candy!! Lots of fun to served as an after dinner mint.

Candy Shoe

And for the same party I did shoe butter molds!!

Butter Mold

Molds made with Amazing Mold Putty are 100% silicone and food-safe. I thoroughly washed and dried this mold before using with food. You could also dedicate certain molds for use only with food.

There is so much you can do with Amazing Mold Putty and Casting Resins! Check out the Amazing Mold Putty blog for more ideas.

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