Button, Button—Who’s Got the Button?

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I’ll admit I’m not a button girl.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love the look of buttons.  Every time I see them on a card or scrapbook page, I think, “Wow!  Why don’t I think to use buttons more?”

So, when Shirley Wheeler put out a call to OCD with Amy D for how to organize buttons, I had to think extra hard.   If I had more buttons, how would I OCD them?

First, lets look at what I already have in place.  You’ll see – I don’t have a lot of buttons; but what I do have is nicely organized.  I have this nice little swivel storage container that holds my buttons, brads, and eyelets.  My grandmother saw it in a catalog and knew I would love it.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to find this little gem online.  I’ve looked at all the regulars used by my grandma – Walter Drake, Carol Wright, Lakeside Collection, etc. – without success.

This is a really cool little caddy. There are 6 removable compartments in each of the 4 tubes.  I have my buttons separated by color – purple, red and pink, yellow and orange, green, brown, white and black.

Not only do the compartments come out, but the tubes can be removed from the base.  It works great for crops – just grab the compartment(s) or tube(s) that you need and go!

Still, I needed to come up with a storage system that would handle the demands of a button lover like Shirley.   As it just so happened, I had purchased a storage system to use for my Close to My Heart embellishments.  Long story short, my real OCD wouldn’t let me use the new system as it didn’t match all of my other CTMH bags.  Two hours later, I had moved all of my regular embellishments to my new bag and was using my old storage containers for my CTMH embellishments.

Let me just say, I love it when a plan comes together!  Look at how great this storage container worked for my CTMH buttons!  As it is 3 rows high, I could separate my buttons by size – small, medium, and large.  You can see how nicely it works – red, blue, clear, green, wooden, and room for more!

The storage containers fit nicely in my 31 All in One Organizer.  I can fit 3 containers, and I get to keep my bags all matchy matchy!

If I had more buttons and really wanted to rock my OCD world, this is what I would do.  I would divide my buttons not only by size and color but also by shape – round, square, flowers, etc.  I would then take several CTMH craft jars and attach magnets to the back.  I would then attach a metal cookie sheet to the wall and stick the craft jars on it.  Ooh, ooh, ooh!  I could even glue one of the buttons on the outside of the jar for easy identification!  Oh no . . . I may need to buy more buttons just so I can do this!  Shirley, depending on what’s on the outside of your ribbon/gutter holder, this may work for you!  I would be happy to come help separate and OCD your buttons!