Welcome to OCD with Amy D!

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Yes!  You read it correctly – Welcome to OCD with Amy D – a new weekly blog post all about organizing your crafting supplies!  In this case, OCD stands for Obsessive Crafting Disorder!  (OK, there’s a little traditional OCD involved as well.)  Sometimes I wonder what I love more.  Crafting?  OR  Buying and organizing crafting supplies?!

This blog is not meant to be just about me and how I organize.   I want to know how Create and Craft followers organize their crafting supplies.  Email your ideas and pictures to amydaycreates@yahoo.com, and you could be featured in one of our blogs!  I have found that some of my best organization ideas have come from my crafting friends!

And now for OCD with Amy D’s first official post – Ribbon Storage!

My first ribbon storage came from Oriental Trading Company.  It was cute.  It worked . . . for a time.  I quickly outgrew the box, and it didn’t work for small rolls or ribbon purchased by the yard.

Much to the surprise of my fellow crafters, my next ribbon storage was a bag full of holes.  Sorry, that’s the best way to describe it.  No one could believe that OCD Amy (in this case the traditional true OCD) could stand this option, but I actually loved it!  I used it for years without problems.  Then, all of a sudden, I started having issues with ribbons becoming knotted together.  I took everything out and tried straightening the ribbons several times, but nothing seemed to make it work.  It was time for a change.

Joe Morgan had these really great ribbon storage tags that I really liked, but the company had quit making them.

These storage tags ended up being the inspiration for my new storage system!  I decided to make my own tags using chipboard and colorful duck tape.  (The duck tape was to reinforce the chipboard.)  Pins were used to secure the ribbon to the cards.Joe Morgan suggested I try baseball card storage sleeves, and I made sure to cut the chipboard to 2×3 inch pieces that would fit the sleeves perfectly.  I could then organize the ribbons by color and theme.  You may notice the small binder clips along the top pockets.  They keep the top cards from flying out while flipping through the pages.

Of course, I had to find a cute binder that I could decorate.  Joe Morgan game me an Art Bin bag that not only fit my ribbon binder perfectly but also matched!  Now my storage system was complete!  Easy to travel with, easy to find what I need, and pretty darn cute!

OK, crafters, how do you organize your ribbons?