December Card Club

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Thanks to our monthly card club, I was able to finish my Christmas cards – yeah!  Five of the six cards I walked away with were Christmas, and they were all beautiful!

For December, we had to use at least 2 of the techniques or themes from previous card clubs.  We could choose from dry embossing, flowers, ribbon, 3 patterned papers, punches, animals, stamps, monochromatic, circles, words, sewing (real or faux), glitter/shimmer/sparkle, chalk, metal, texture, deco edges, black & white, felt, buttons, frames, banners, or twine.  At first, it felt like a bit of a challenge, but it was surprising how many techniques we each ended up using on one card!

I know everyone is waiting with baited breath to see whose card is my favorite!  This month, if I may be so bold, I am declaring my card my favorite for December!  How could I not choose it?!  It’s purple, purple, purple!  Using the list of techniques above, how many can you spot in my card?  OOHHH!!!  That sounds like a fun game!  For each card, see if you can find all the techniques!  The answers will be at the bottom of the post – no peeking!


Next up, Betty’s card!  How many techniques can you spot?  I was lucky enough to get one of Betty’s cards which proudly went to one of my loved ones.



How are you doing so far?  Are you spotting all of the techniques?  Let’s give Carol’s card a try!


We’re going to continue with the ladies!  Here’s Joanna’s card!  Joanna’s card was also one of the ones that helped me complete my Christmas cards.  Big thanks Joanna!



Here comes the boys!   Let’s start with Joe R’s cute penguin card.  How many techniques can you find?


Last but not least, here’s JJJJJJJOOOOOEEEEEE Morgan!  How many techniques do you see?  By now, you should be a pro!



Next month’s technique is using dry glitter.  Joe R. made the cutest make and take to demonstrate this technique.  Using sticky paper, Joe first had his dye cut machine “kiss cut” a design.  To do this, set your pressure at 1 or 2.  This will cut threw just the top layer.  Hitting “Load” (and nothing else) will reset the mat.  After changing the pressure back to 6, Joe cut out the outer shape of the ornament.  With the kiss cut, we were able to pull away bits and pieces of the top sticky layer adding glitter to the sticky spots.   We had red, green, gold, silver, and a very special purple brought just for me!  (Luckily, I play nice and share well!)

We would love to have you join us at Red Letter Journal on  Sunday, January 8th at 3pm for the first card club of the new year!  To learn how to join the greatest card club out there, contact Red Letter Journal or any member of the Create & Craft Team!

Now . . . let’s see how many techniques you were able to find!

  • Amy – dry embossing, ribbon, punches, monochromatic, glitter/shimmer/sparkle, and texture
  • Betty – 3 patterned papers, punches, animals, glitter/shimmer/sparkle, texture
  • Carol – dry embossing, punches, monochromatic, glitter/shimmer/sparkle, texture, deco edges
  • Joanna – 3 patterned papers, punches, stamps, glitter/shimmer/sparkle, texture, buttons, frames, twine
  • Joe R. – dry embossing, punches, animals, stamps, glitter/shimmer/sparkle, texture
  • Joe M. – 3 patterned papers, punches, animals, stamps, glitter/shimmer/sparkle, texture, deco edges