For the Love of Paper!

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I like paper.  I like paper a lot.  OK, that’s an understatement.  I lllloooovvveeee paper!  I’m actually a bit of a paper whore, and I even have the shirt to prove it!

Keeping my addiction organized is a challenge, but a challenge I face with open arms.  I love paper so much and have so much paper that OCD with Amy D. will need several posts to showcase how I organize my paper.

I am also asking that Create and Craft followers email me at with how you organize your paper.  I would love to share not only my strategies but the strategies of our followers.  I might be the queen of organization, but I get a good deal of inspiration from my loyal subjects!

We’ll start this paper organizing extravaganza by looking at how I organize my 12×12 sheets of solid card stock!

A couple years ago, my wonderful husband built me this great scrapbooking desk with one side full of shelves for paper.

My shelves are divided by full paper pads; whites, blacks, and greys; browns; yellows and oranges; blues; reds; greens; purples and pinks.  I will admit – not that spectacular.  The real OCD comes into play when we look at the individual shelves.

Within each shelf, there are 3 categories per color which are separated by white chipboard.  On the very top, I have single sheets which are perfect for photo mats or small projects.  Next, I have matching shades of at least 2 sheets which are perfect for creating 2 page layouts.  Finally, I have the specialty papers (i.e. glitter, Coordinations, glimmer, etc.).   If that wasn’t OCD enough, I haven taken a play from my old Disney Store days where we shelved our shirts from darkest to lightest color, bottom to top.

Can you see the organization in this picture?  Notice how the 3 sheets on the right are single sheets?  The fourth sheet from the right is the white divider sheet.  Notice how the middle section goes from dark to light?  See the specialty paper at the far left?


While it may take a little time to sort my paper into the appropriate order and stack, it makes my paper crafting much easier.  Instead of leafing through several sheets of paper, I can quickly go to the appropriate shelf, speedily find the shade I need, and immediately know if I have enough of the right color to complete my project.

Create and Craft followers, how do you organize your solid card stock?  Email me with descriptions and/or pictures!

Tune in next week to see how OCD with Amy D. organizes patterned paper!