Paper Is My Weakness

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Yes, I have a shirt that says, “Paper is my weakness.”  That’s why OCD with Amy D needs several blogs just to show how I organize my paper!

After last week’s blog, follower – TaffysMommy – commented about how she organizes her paper; and it made my OCD tingle!  TaffysMommy organizes her solid card stock in Roy G Biv (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet) and then white, off white/ecru/ivory, tan, brown, black, gray/silver.  This is also how Create and Craft’s very own Joe Rotella organizes his solid card stock!  Great minds think alike!

TaffysMommy also wanted to know how I organize my print paper.  She is currently working on organizing her print paper and is taking a couple of approaches.  First, and I have to say I LOVE this, she is organizing her paper by categories using the same categories she has for her stickers.  LOVE IT!  Check out her categories:  Alphabets, Angels & Fairies, Animals, Babies/Children, Backgrounds/Borders/Frames, Beach/Tropical/Nautical, Birds, Birthdays, Bugs/Butterflies, Celebrations & Congrats (accomplishments), Christian, Christmas/Winter, Design Elements/Flourishes, Easter/Spring, Encouragement/Coping, Thanksgiving/Fall, Family, Father’s Day, Feminine, Florals/Trees/Botanicals, Friendship, Halloween, Handmade By, Journaling, Love/Anniversary/Valentine/Weddings, Masculine, Mixed & Misc., Mother’s Day, Music, Numbers, Patriotic, Sentiments/Quotes, Sports, St. Pat’s Day, Sympathy, Tags, Thank You, Tiny Stamps, Travel/Recreation, Words.  For those patterns that do not fall in one of these categories, she is using the Roy G Biv format with the prominent color dictating where the paper goes.

TaffysMommy, I am dying to know how you store your paper.  Do you have tons of shelves?  Do you have wire racks?  Do you use crates?  Please comment and let us know.  I am truly impressed with your system!

As for how I organize, it is fairly simple as I mainly scrapbook vacations, my dogs, and Christmas.  My main categories are Travel, Disney, Ireland, Dogs, Christmas, and Misc; and I use the Art Bin plastic storage containers which I stack in the closet.

The containers make it really easy for cropping.  If I am working on a vacation, all I have to do is grab my Travel container, my embellishment bag, and a couple of solid card stock pads.  Each container is even labeled for the times when I forget that I keep the paper for my favorite place (Disney!) in the bin that’s my favorite color (purple!).

When I’m cropping, I open the container and stand the paper up.  This allows me to quickly flip through the options to find exactly what I need.

For those of you paying attention, you’ll remember I said “main categories”.  After all, this is OCD with Amy D!  Within each container, there are sub categories which are separated by chipboard.  For example, within Travel, there is. . .

Road Trip – all manner of road signs, roads, maps, etc.

Nature – trees, fall leaves, mountains, etc.

General Travel – state specific, location specific, cameras, etc.

Beach/Ocean – water, sand, palm trees, etc.

Create and Craft followers, how do you organize your patterned paper?  How do you store it? I want to know, and I would like to share it with everyone.  Thanks to TaffysMommy for sharing last week!

Tune in next week when OCD with Amy D tackles the dreaded . . . paper scraps!