Not Just for Teachers

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Google “Teacher’s Toolbox” and you will find 100’s of examples of this cute, easy, and cheap way to store your smaller crafting supplies!

I first learned about this organization technique from the awesome Julie Hutchison.  Her good friend, who happens to be a teacher, was coming in to town; and they were going to make them together.

You start with a simple tool box like this from Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, etc.

They come in a variety of shapes and sized and can even be attached to the wall saving space on your tables or shelves.

Once you have your tool box, the creative options are endless!  You can spray paint the outside (Julie painted hers pink!).  You can cover the drawer fronts with patterned paper.  You can create decorative labels for each drawer.  You could even add in some bling!

Here are just a few examples from the web.

I love the color and creativity!  How would you decorate your toolbox?  We would love to know!

Don’t forget to comment with organization ideas too!