For the Love of Glitter Glue!

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For some time, I’ve wanted reorganize my glitter glues.  I’ve been keeping my Stickles in a bag I purchased from Creative Memories, and my Martha Stewart glitter glues in basket in my craft room.  The Creative Memories bag worked well for awhile, but I grew tired of the bottles always falling over.  Not only did I want something that would hold all of my glitter glues, I also wanted a way to store my Stickles upside down – to make them easier to use.

A couple months ago, during one of Joann’s 50% off storage sales, I went in search of the perfect container.  With a Stickle bottle in hand, I went from container to container trying to find something that would fit.  With the help of my trusty sidekick (aka my wonderful husband who endures this sort of thing regularly), I selected this container from ArtBin:

Side note . . . in going to ArtBin’s website to get this pic, I found out they ACTUALLY make it in purple!  PURPLE!  OMG!  The technical name is the 10″ Quick View Carrying Case, and the sliding clasps securely lock the sides in place.

To fancy it up, I used some fun, flowered, purple glitter paper and complementary glitter paper to cut out “Glitter Glue”.  To attach it to the inside of the container, I used iridescent Stickles.  (That’s what made the glittery circles in each corner.)

For the inside, I made a grid to securely hold the Stickles upside down.  To make it stronger, I wrapped it in purple DuckTape.

To make it easy to locate the right Stickles’ color, I punched 3/4 inch circles out of heavy white chipboard, put Skickles on one side, and attached them to the bottom of each bottle.  Of course, I also arranged them in ROY G BIV order!

For the Martha Stewart glitter glues and the 2 bottles of Smooch I have, I created an index that I attached to the back of the cover.  I added a line of each color next to the corresponding names for easy comparison.

The end result makes my OCD tingle!  It also makes my glitter glues easier to use!  Within hours of finishing my new storage, I used my glitter glues twice!  Of course, if I happen to run across a purple ArtBin container, I will have to find another use for this clear one!