Stamp Your Heart Out—Part 2

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Last week, we looked at several ways to store stamps.  This week we’ll look at how I’ve OCDed my stamps!

First, you have to see my reference book.  I owe this idea to two fabulous crafters – Joe Rotella and Julie Hutchison.  My organization method is a combination of their ideas.  Whenever Julie gets a new stamp set, she takes a picture of it and stores the pictures in a binder.  As for Joe, he has talked about stamping an image of each stamp on an index card which can then be categorized and stored in recipe card boxes.  I took the best of both ideas to create my binder which I decorated with Close to My Heart paper.

Whenever I get a new stamp set, I scan it and insert it into a Microsoft Publisher application.  The stamps are categorized as best they can (as some sets could go into several categories); the pages are then printed and placed in page protectors.

When I’m looking for a stamp, I simply flip to the desired section and find the stamp I want; after all, it is easier to flip through pages than actual stock.  Once I have found my stamp in the book, I know where to find it by its number or heading.

For the Close to My Heart stamps, they already come labeled with a letter and a number.

The actual stamps are stored in these cute bags from 31 Gifts.

The stamps are organized by letter and in numerical order making it easy to locate the set I need.

As for my non-Close to My Heart Stamps, they are stored in clear envelopes and organized by category and envelope number.

The envelopes along with other stamping supplies are stored in this great bag I got at Sam’s Club.  As you can see, I do not have many non-Close to My Heart stamps, but I do love the ones I have.

I would still love to hear how our readers organize their stamps, and I would love to share your ideas.  Simply comment to one of the stamp posts and/or email your system to me at  Pictures are of course welcome!