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You know the old saying “Better late than never?”  I’m going to use that as my defense!

Red Letter Journals’ monthly card club met on Sunday, August 7.  Unfortunately, the Create & Craft team was unable to attend, but we were nicely represented by Carole’s daughter-in-law, the lovely Joanna.  While I was at our annual pug picnic, the rest of the Create & Craft team was in Novi, Michigan at the Heirloom Show.

If you remember from the last post, the theme for July was interactive cards—cards that do more than open on a single fold.  Let’s start with my favorite from this month—Joe Morgan’s adorable fish card!  How cute is this?!  The blow fish is suspended in the circle by a clear piece of thread.  When you open the card, he can spin and spin.  The two-sided fish is very cute, and the colors are just gorgeous and different on each side!

For my card, I HAD to use the Viva Las Vegas stamp that the wonderful Joe Morgan got for me.  If you’re paying attention, I did say I missed card club for our annual pug picnic.  Just picture 11 pugs and their owners reeking havoc on a backyard.  There was a whole lot of snortin’ going on!  I do love my pugs, and let out a little squeal when I saw this stamp.  Super Pug starts out on the left side, and the right says, “Forget your birthday?”  When you pull on the tab, Super Pug flies across the card to reveal, “When pugs fly!”  Way cute!  I know!

Next, check out Carole’s card!  If you’ve never seen Earth Art International stamps before, you have never seen intricate beauty!  These stamps are amazing, and Carole used their beautiful lady bug to create this amazing easel card.  Check out the detail in the lady bug.  Look at the beautiful dragon fly.  I can’t imagine how long it took Carole to color this stamp, and she had to do it at least six times for the club!  I am so glad she did.  It’s just incredible.

As if Carole’s home was not already filled with creativity, Joanna joined the club last month, and her first card for the group is just beautiful!  The card appears to be just a cottage with a fence and bike in front of it, but when you go to open the card, the fence and bike pull out.  Next, the roof folds out to create a 3D home.  A picture cannot do it justice.  It is just beautiful.   So glad Joanna joined the club!


The ladies are on a role, so let’s check out Betty’s card.  Check out the beautiful stamping that merges across the front of the card.  When you untie the ribb0n, the card folds outward to reveal a bright and cheery sunflower.  This is a great card for any occasion.  I plan on breaking it out this winter when I need some sun and flowers the most!


Last, but not least, Joe Rotella created yet another amazing pop up card.  I simply love the quote on the front of the card – “Do not follow the ideas of others, but learn to listen to the voice within yourself”—Zen Master Dogen. This is another work of art that a camera cannot capture. The detail and texture is amazing.  Joe wanted it to resemble an old Buddhist temple, and he succeeded.  Using embossing powders and distress techniques, Joe really captured the character of an old Buddhist temple.

This month’s technique is creating your own patterned backgrounds.  Participants can use embossing folders, stamps, markers, glimmer mist, etc.  The club will meet at 3pm on Sunday, September 4.  Come join us!  For more information, contact a member of the Create & Craft team or give the great people of Red Letter Journals a call at 614-539-3900.


  1. Joe Rotella August 29, 2011 at 4:56 am - Reply

    LOL! I'm going to use that saying too – better late than never! Remember, two years ago my Christmas cards went out as Valentine's Day cards because I was so late!

    Fantastic article and great cards! Of course, I should have known your favorite was Joe Morgans LOL If I carried a concealed weapon I would …..

    Just teasin'!


  2. Joe Morgan August 29, 2011 at 7:04 am - Reply

    Wow, what a great bunch of cards we made! I think everyone really had to think this time and make something that they would not normally make. I think we should all be proud of our finished projects! I think everyone went all out on this one and no one's was easy.

  3. Heather B August 31, 2011 at 5:58 am - Reply

    The cards this month were awesome! Thanks for all the time and efforts you put into your cards – everyone in the club really enjoys your creativity. So glad the Creat-n-Craft team has joined us!

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